Libra Rising: Be My Mirror


Libra rising is my sign. We are the charmers so traditional astrology would tell you. Libra here makes a person a walking contradiction. We care so much about beauty and harmony that we work a great deal at creating it in a artificial manner. In other words we are walking photo-shoppers in real life.

A Libra rising person is attractive and charming in social situations in a group or a setting that requires following a set of behaviors. we don’t present ourselves as well in big crowds or aggressive vulgar situations. People see the Libra as someone that has got it all together, charming and attractive.

Behind all this beauty and charm is one big mess that is the personal life of this Libra rising. The reason for this is that we tend to mask out own issues instead of dealing with them by sharing them with others. We don’t want to disappoint all this people that think we are son nice and wonderful by sharing the less charming truth-that we are human and that we too have problems. Instead a Libra Rising person may spend hours dressing up instead of dealing with the issues or even worse-helping someone else. Though so much energy is spent on being attractive and liked, all in a soft manner. We do disappoint others! When they suddenly find out the person behind the mask they may call you mean or even evil. not because your are but because how you present yourself is so far from who you are underneath. Its the Scorpios that bother to dig in deeper and find out this sad truth. what is this truth? That this beautiful kind person that has been smiling all day and giving them good advice has a huge mountain of issues in their own personal life. Libra rising has some wonderful strengths that are also their weakness.

The talent to create harmony and peace in any environment to just resolve conflict so easily between people. Is both staggering and misleading, for it may seem effortless but in fact takes a great amount of energy and leaves the Libra rising person lonely and exhausted. No one forces us to do this of course, to be helpful and charming and to keep the balance. But we cant help it for we want to be good, since childhood this role had been one we learned to play to receive love and affection.

We were taught we don’t deserve love if were bad and only if we charm and warm up to the grown ups in our life we will be worth of love. Libra rising are amazing at seeing both sides of the coin in all situations in a complete detachment. An air sign they know how to be intellectual about it and that makes them great advisors and diplomats. We are open minded people that are not afraid of different opinions. And yet making a decision is very hard when you can see both sides, finding a balance is the only way to decide what to do for this rising sign. Libra here had a complicated relationship with people we need them to see ourselves-like a mirror for out self image. other people are important so we can have out own opinions by balancing them in contrast to others. Alone we are confused and unhappy. For then we are forced to face our real selves that are far from he social butterfly that we can be with others. Inside this people are very shy and sensitive with less confidence then they show. That why friends that show this people that they are accepted even when not in ‘working charm mode”,are a treasure. And in return you will get advice that is truly fair and balanced.

They will tell you the truth and in such a sweet manner you won’t be offended. They need you to be who they are but they also get so tired and even ill if they find themselves in situations that require constant charming. They find an outlet by spending time alone or in  some creative endeavor. They are talented in masking and creating beauty and symmetry out of nothing. The kind of person that would rather make a room look clean then actually clean it and it works. They have great fashion sense and attention to colors and textures. The style is elegant but unusually so ,but in good taste. Libra here loves the underdog and will fight for a good cause. But thats the only thing a Libra rising will fight with their apposite sign Aries creeping in. Thats why we have a terrible tendency to choose partners that are aggressive action takers that boss us around, until we become sick of it and are forced to develop the same skills they have-so we can have them stop pushing us around. But then the pattern usually leads to The Libra wanting to end the relationship now that the harmony is broken, its all less attractive. But unable to spend long without a partner they find a new one right away.

The Libra rising is in a relationship or in between ones, rarely alone. In romance this sign is misleading, after all how can a beautiful kind person like them always end up broken hearted?  Libra Risings  have a strong intellectual side and secretly are smarter then they appear. The only way you for you to find out is be smart yourself when having a conversation with them. You will be shocked by the amount of knowledge behind these pretty eyes. But all this knowledge is there to be used to charm you! if your smart that is, other then that it left unused. After all they still need you to be their mirror. They may idealize you, making you feel so beautiful from the inside out. And its honest, they really do think your wonderful!Beware that you disappoint them though, finding out the world isn’t beautiful makes the Libra rising depressed. they may even feel its their own personal failure.

A Libra rising can be recognized by an air of peace around them, they will speak sweetly and move with elegance. For some reason most of them have a dimple or two and great face structure. The face is very symmetrical and the eyes beautiful.They dress with their own style and some interesting details. They are polite and don’t like bad language or lack of culture in others. They would always compliment you! and give you gifts. They have some artistic talent and probably a wide circle of friends and lovers. If your lucky to get to know them for real you may find a sharp minded person with wide knowledge and good advice. They can make you feel beautiful and would enjoy the process.

Famous people with this Ascendant:

John Mayer
John Mayer
Britney Spears
Britney Spears

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The two houses which neighbor the 4th House are the anchor points of our creative talent. Why is the 4th house so important for artists and musicians? Because it is the core of our emotional self. Think carefully about what it is which we find attractive and compelling about artists and musicians – it is the way that they make their inner selves emotionally accessible to us.

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Leo: Madonna,Selena Gomez and Taylor Momsen

“I have the same goal I’ve had ever since I was a girl. I want to rule the world”

“I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay” -Madonna

Wonderful Leo! no one can go through life without acquiring a Leo friend or two. Ruled by the sun and the 5th house it is very much a sign of light and extroversion. The sun rules your ego,father figure and authority in general. So whatever this people have would be out there for you to see. It is the most loud and shining way to be, sometimes it is positive, at times its negative. As you know light cant exist without some shadow,and these people have a big light and a big shadow to their personality. The stereotype is that Leo is a born leader and a natural star’ and indeed leadership comes to them very naturally,for they don’t shrink from their own or others emotions. They have full acceptance of the strengths they posses and always growing up knew they wont be ignored by family and friends.Though the most confident and glowing sign,they can be shy and quite but even then- the key word is presence. They posses a strong healthy ego and love to win. yet they also love to see  others win and shine and thats why we enjoy the company of our Leo friends. They feel so confident with themselves that they want you to be the best you can be and encourage your own light to shine. The shadow this sunny light casts has to do with the strong energy their soul is nourished with. For their ego to stay in its comfortable place they need you. Leos adore compliments and human warmth and care as long as they are never perceived as weak or needy. They need you there but with a respectable distance. A hurt Leo would never be silent,he will cry,scream and yes even take revenge. Their shadow is so apposite to their light that people are surprised by the childish behavior that hurt brings out in them. And yet they never want to hurt you! Ruled by the 5th house of children and games they like a child might offend you but still be your best of supporters.  Leos are very creative and warm people,many artists and actors have a Leo sun or Leo dominant in their birth chart. They are very romantic at heart in a almost childlike manner. And yet very proud and strong so they make balanced fun partners for those who know how to take care o them. Leos are beautiful,in part naturally and in part for their cheerfulness and liveliness. They are kings and queens or famous criminals. You can recognize a Leo by its halo mane of hair (Jeniffer Lopez) and cat like eyes. Madonna with her Leo sun and Venus is an example of the female Leo queen or the queen of pop to be precise,though shes also very much a Virgo personality as well. And indeed she is proud and ambitious and accomplishes what she wants in life. Sometimes in a loud Leo manner that causes controversy. And she is never afraid to say what she thinks or wants,Leos don’t hide they just go out there. Provocative as Madonna is she is also loved and had been adored for many years,unlike the fame of the cancer sign that is more fragile. A good example is Selena Gomez,she even looks like a Leo! But that is because she has her rising sign that rules appearance in Leo as well as a few other planets. I give her as an example of how a Leo looks and behaves. A slightly less known singer is rocker Taylor Momsen from that band The Pretty Reckless. Shes a sun in Leo with a Scorpio moon that gives her a moody dark edge emotionally,but still a glowing not shy Leo.As long as  Leo has enough stimulation from the outside- they are ok. If they dont, they turn into the picture of the moody artist and a very loud roar of angst comes out.

Jack white,Lindsay Lohan and Sky Ferriera:Cancer sun

You keep her in your pocket
Where there’s no way out now
Put it in a safe a lock it
’cause it’s home sweet home -The white stripes 

What did I do
to make you so cruel?
I’ve got this ache inside my heart
I know that it’s you – Ghost Sky Ferreira

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon which rules emotion,home and the mother. It is also the sign of fame and many celebrities and musicians have a strong cancer in their chart. The reason the moon and cancer are connected to fame had a great deal to do with the spread of ideas and emotions out into the public sphere.  Because the moon has its changing phases this people can go on from being at the top of public opinion to the bottom of shame and public criticism very easily. Cancers strength is also its Achilles heel,sensitivity that can be a power house of creativity and an angry weapon just the same. Lindsay Lohan is a great example of the feminine and raw power of a cancer female and its sexuality. A child star gone wild as the tabloids would have it. Cancers are sensitive souls with an unhealthy tie to the family  that can result in a great need in independence with an obsessive emotional dependence at the same time. Acting is a natural talent as is being popular through the media. But deep emotional wounds and addictions are common as well. Cancers are shy and crazy,sexy and androgynous,mothering and distant-all in one. depending on the rest of the chart of course. Jack white has hes sun placed in cancer and his connection to women and family, in his lyrics an anger and a bond to the feminine is evident. For some reason the connection to babies is strong in those with a cancer sun or moon and yet cancer females tend to reject that side more then not while the males don’t. Cancers can also try and deal with their emotions with shopping,spending money or drinking. As children they are painfully shy but as they grow up and stop being a baby (usually in their 30s) they are powerful people with ambitions that may seem surprising to those who don’t know them well. They are great friends to have and very loyal,but sometimes tend to be too influenced by their environment and friends which is okay as long as its healthy and nourishing to them. Music that moves from a gentle ballade to a rock anthem is the ultimate cancer mix.