The 8th House: Rising from the Ashes

“I am dead because I lack desire,
I lack desire because I think I possess.
I think I possess because I do not try to give.
In trying to give, you see that you have nothing;Seeing that you have nothing, you try to give of yourself;
Trying to give of yourself, you see that you are nothing:Seeing that you are nothing, you desire to become;
In desiring to become, you begin to live.”
René Daumal

The 8th house is the house of rebirth. Ruled by Scorpio it has all the mysterious characteristics of Pluto associated with it.This is not an easy house for any planet to be in,and yet its very powerful. This placement is like a dark cave,a deep pit with no light. Its an underground placement,so any planet is basically dropped and hidden in the 8th house. A planet no matter the sign that is in the 8th is going to be a “secret”. The potential and the true character is going to be very private and very confusing. Why confusing? mainly because at first it is hidden from you! As you grow older and wiser you would slowly unravel and reveal your own secret self. The planet would show you where you would have to change and grow.

The change through the 8th house is the kind the asks you to die. You must die in order to be reborn, your soul must rise form the dark cave that contains many  desires . Like those of the 8th house: Money,sex and control over others. Then the soul must be born again in a selfless manner. Because this is a Scorpio house then this change and rebirth can be born only through emotions. The problem is that this placement fears emotions more then anything! Scorpio need control over themselves and others to feel safe. But the more a person tries to hold on to this control the harder the death and rebirth process is going to be for them. This is a person that seems very calm and confident,but inside there is a war going on. what kind of war-depends on the planet and sign. If you have this placement you know what I’m talking about.

The 8th house is very much like that cave I described but its also a water house, What this means is that the changes are going to come and go. You will go through storms and periods of calm and happiness-your entire life. What happens many times is that when you are young you just know something-you feel destiny,and you act older then your years as a child. You know things that grown ups don’t want you to know. You understand human pain,but you are still to young to deal with it. Thats why a child with planets here would suppress this emotions. When a little older the intensity of the house manifests as a flood-all the water in the secret cave has to come out. The young person is run by desire to control or get rid of this emotions. This is dangerous and why this house gets a bad reputation. People at this stage use their power of intuition to control others. They do this out of pain not out of any evil desire. The 8th house wants to deal with the dark emotions of humanity but it doesn’t desire to hurt anyone. The person may self harm or become involved with wrong crowd.

The 8th house is “the wrong crowd”! These people understand pain and suffering. They tend to attract people that suffered or are mentally  unstable. At first this kind of involvement allows them to finally use their intuitive talent and to work with it to help others. the problem is that 8th house people are very “unstable” themselves. I mean it in a good way-they need time to clam down after the storm of emotions they live through. Thats why its best for them not to get involved with unstable people. Instead they can work or volunteer in a field such us: mental hospitals, criminal rehabilitation programs, police force, rehab etc…The 8th house makes great worrier and fighters for a cause-but not leaders. for some reason like the ocean  the public favor of this people falls and rises in a very unpredictable manner. Luckily, the 8th house likes to be behind the scenes anyway. When they get older the storms will be few and the power and lessons learned would be many.

This people have presence when they walk into a room and something about them makes them very attractive. They are attractive in the same way a African  lion is attractive to us humans: They know they are powerful but can contain it and spare you your life. If they learn to use their gifts to give others but also not to self abuse-they are the most beautiful souls you will ever meet.

Giving trust is hard for the 8th house and trust is the biggest gift from this people. If you love an 8th house person know that is the greatest gift, because this might as well mean they would die for you. The 8th house likes to keep things behind the scenes so don’t expect them to say things openly.

They like to speak with their eyes or better- with sex. This is a sexual house and sex is one of the only places where this people feel free and at home. This is the place where they rule! And the world is lucky for that. But what the 8th house really wants and searches for is the spiritual experience -that peace and wholeness. They know very little of that peace and they learn to appreciate  it and  find it in the strangest of places. They may use sex and money, two fields they are lucky to be naturally compatible with. But that wont make them happy, the 8th house wants to take the soul into that light they can see in glimpses from the dark cave . they want the waters to take them out into the open. They need to be ready to come out into the light. The light that they will know is brighter then  any other house a planet already resides in. Its the kind of light that only people that have spent years in a dark prison can understand. They need you to be the water-the emotional tide to free them. And the tide is nothing else but the emotion of love.

Some celebrity examples:

Ryan Gosling-Scorpio sun in the 8th house


Claire Danes- Moon in the 8th house


13 thoughts on “The 8th House: Rising from the Ashes”

  1. Sun, black moon Lilith and Vesta in Gemini in the 8th. Scorpio on the ascendant making Gemini my 8th house by ascendant. Pluto the chart ruler is in the 11th square the sun. I had a difficult childhood and needed to draw as much energy as I could from Scorpio to be able to pack a punch and defend myself in adulthood. Uranus stationed direct a few minutes away from the world axis on the Libra angle, at the critical 29 degrees in Virgo. For me the sun is rising from a cave and Uranus the ruler of my fate and legacy is showing his dominance. Planets in critical degrees have a special role to play in the chart, so are those at 0°.

    Good article and thank for clarifying the part about planets in the 8th, like I said, in my case it’s the sun. I’m beginning to notice that during major astro events i.e. new moons, full moons, eclipses and retrograde stations the sun is positioned in key houses which is a strong message.

  2. I’ve got Sun,Moon,Saturn and Jupiter all in the 8th house….this article was interesting. These are difficult placements to have

      1. I remember reading this when it was posted(it must of been late because I thought I responded) How so? I do know life has been harder for my identical twin sister as Pluto is also in the 8th house for her but mine just made it to the 9th house. We are born 13min apart which was enough time for this to happen and for our rising signs to differ mine being Aquarius and my sis being Pisces. How would the planets not in this house make a bigger impact?🙏💝

      2. Twins are a very interesting topic in astrology and there are a lot of differing views. I would consider the chart ruler for both of you- especially for transits and key periods of life. The Saturn return (age 29-30) can also play out a little differently.
        I would imagine different rising signs in twins can indicate taking on somewhat different role within the family structure. Would you say that is the case?
        Although we Neptune and Uranus ruling both of you– there can be some overlap of creativity/broadmindedness and individualistic expression.

      3. You are right that there are differing views on twins and how to read our charts. My sister (who is the younger twin and Pisces rising) is and has always been a bit more responsible than me. I seem to have demanded more attention from my parents which had left my sister craving some one on one time with either of our parents. I wasn’t aware of any of this until my sister told me when we were in our 30’s. And yes our Saturn return did play out differently but with the same outcome. Both of us needed to take time off work due to emotional exhaustion, so paid leave. I (the Aquarius rising have always fumbled my way through life and somehow successfully) where as my Pisces rising sister has always had to work really hard.

      4. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I actually “collect” charts of people based on careers and life situations and study them.
        It would be interesting how Neptune/Uranus relates to your third/fourth house and to how your sister felt.
        You are two individuals, so it is best to read the charts separately, just like with anyone else.
        Reading both charts can be of value if you want to work on your own childhood/current home life and how it expresses because your combined charts tell the whole story. It is almost like a pandora box one can open to see something otherwise invisible or very unconscious.

  3. My Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus in this house, I really wanna know why, but I’m on the journey of searching. Thanks a lot for sharing, I like a lot the poetry.

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