Venus in Capricorn: Bad taste

It has been a surprising discovery but one I am very sure of. Venus in Capricorn results in some very bad aesthetic preferences. What is Venus in Capricorn? It is all the blond wigs, fake nails, skimpy clothes and slutty looks, overflowing with vulgarity at its best. And yet, this is a good placement in a chart that does promise success in artistic fields and in a career in general.

Maybe this explains why how biggest stars in music look a little vulgar. But joking aside, this is indeed a very interesting phenomenon. What is happening here? My theory is that Venus as the planet of values, is overworked by the workaholic Capricorn. The result is a striving for beauty that is completely superficial and exaggerated. The Capricorn wants a good result-he invests in what society considers beautiful but without looking to see the reasons behind it. This investment can look almost clown-like as a result. It is not that it is unattractive-in fact these individuals are naturally beautiful!

They make themselves ugly but they can not see it! Venus is clouded by the judgment of Capricorn and it can not always measure beauty. Unlike the Libra or Taurus: this placement results in a completely unbalanced view of beauty and proportion. In taking all that society at a given moment considers stylish, sexy, popular but without matching it to any value of substance. This is the definition of vulgarity. To make matters worse-the Capricorn is a sign of the past-the conventions long gone. So this is the girl that still thinks that the Pamela Anderson look is in style.
In man this placement results in them liking that look I just described-they like woman that look “cheap” (think the movie Pretty Woman). In women, a lack of taste is strong-and yet they manage to be sexy to most. For this placement doesn’t lack confidence in love and in their own attractiveness…Perhaps sadly so.

The real problem is in the fact that at heart, these individuals are very conservative as they appear. And so they attract the wrong kind of attention and relationship and even abuse. The men don’t understand why they end up with a woman that they don’t want to marry or be loyal in the traditional sense. The women don’t know why they are not taken seriously and why they attract the wrong people. Sexually speaking, this sign tends to adopt all the dirt and scary aspect of sex. But they don’t enjoy it-they only play the part. I don’t mean to say they are sexually intense like the Scorpio or even Aries. Rather they play a part they think others would like: But what the majority likes happens to be bad taste.

Famous Examples: Females take on the appearance of Venus whole males take the females to the aisle.

Lolo Ferrari
Venis in Capricorn
Miley cyrus – Venus in Capricorn with Scorpio moon
Britney spears

7 thoughts on “Venus in Capricorn: Bad taste”

  1. I have to agree with this post. I know a guy I work with, and he absolutely does nothing for himself. He looks so bad sometimes that the looks dirty like. But, when he cleans up he looks very nice. Not the most handsome man. His Venus is nicely aspected I will like to add. But, he’s balding ( and only in his mid 20’s ) He acts cocky, but you can tell he’s very insecure. And, he has a sort of homoerotic connection with men. He tries to impress them, more than women. He’s straight. But, he’s a strange cookie.

  2. Ouch!!! This hurt, especially because it contains a degree of truth: I am a Venus in Capricorn, and I DO have the eyelash extensions & bleach blond hair…and admittedly I am seriously considering getting breast implants. I actually think Pamela was super hot in the beginning of Baywatch, although her eyebrows were always weird.

    But in my defense, I don’t think I go for a trashy or cheap aesthetic in terms of my clothing choices. I don’t wear clothing that’s too tight, and I really dislike cheap looking materials. My most typical outfit would be a pencil skirt or a sheath dress in a dark color, with a slight vintage look (I like to wear the same clothing I wear to work when I’m not working if I can get away with it). Then I pair that with my estate diamonds, hah. I’d like to say my aesthetic is sort of like a sexy librarian (and I do typically keep my hair in a bun).
    I don’t know, your critique is taken, but at least give Capricorn in Venus credit for being able to choose antiques?

    1. I adore Venus in Capricorn, an aesthetic of power is part of it for sure. Sexy librarian or boss is very much it.
      Please don’t take this post too seriously and check out the second one “Venus in Capricorn revisited.”
      The interesting things is why Venus in Capricorn adopts certain sales and how it usually fits with certain social trends. Saturn is the ruler of this Venus and therefore there is a tendency too reflect something society finds valuable.
      The degree of Venus and aspect s can modify it. A very late and unsuspected Venus is very into old Hollywood and vintage.
      A Venus with hard Neptune/Uranus aspects is another story.

  3. Haha I have a Pinterest board called Old Hollywood (mostly Veronica Lake, Ann-Margaret and Brigitte Bardot (French, but)). So you called that, and I feel mollified, especially because I don’t have these hard aspects of which you speak in my chart.

    What I do have is an over-representation of Scorpio, Pluto, and the 8th house, along with the Moon, Venus, and Mercury conjunct in Capricorn. People (especially my supervisors, bosses or teachers back in the day) ALWAYS suspect I am up to something (witchcraft, espionage, machinations…). I’ve also always drawn a lot of, “Why so serious?! Smile!” comments from others. Frankly, I dumb blond it up a bit to deflect some of that, particularly from those who don’t have eyes to see. It’s actually a defensive presentation which allows me to explain less, if that makes sense.

    1. Edit: I was thinking about how my mom and husband, both Venus in Pisces people think about my appearance & suddenly got what you were saying about Venus in Capricorn.

      For context I am biracial but look White. My features are just a little unusual or non-standard for someone of my apparent ethnicity, or for that matter, to be conventionally attractive. I tend to alter my appearance in ways which bring me closer to the (socially accepted and appreciated) ideal, whether **or not** that ideal is somehow objectively more attractive than my natural appearance. For instance, I naturally have pretty thick intense eyebrows, which growing up in the 90’s wasn’t considered attractive. Cara Delvigne, and a less White beauty ideal has changed this aesthetic some. But I don’t care, I don’t personally want controversial (?) eyebrows, so I dye them to look naturally blond and pluck them.

      My mom (Pisces in Venus) *hates* that I lighten my brows because it makes my appearance less striking and more conventional. My husband (another Pisces in Venus), doesn’t feel hurt by me apparently selling out to a societal beauty norm like my mom does, but his approach also seems Piscean to me. He evaluates my appearance changes on the end look alone, not on the basis of comparison. He liked my intense eyebrows then and he likes whatever I’m doing with them now (and is probably not really noticing them anyway; he is responding to & appreciating something about my appearance that is ineffable or inexplicable to others, in Piscean fashion).

      But I say that neither my mom nor my husband understand how I suffered as a child for being different, and having an unconventional appearance in a very White, very homogeneous town. I make appearance choices that feel safe to me.

  4. I wish this post was more objective. All they talked about were very subjective things. I feel like there’s no bad or good taste. Just like there’s no bad music, some like it, some don’t, just because you don’t enjoy pop doesn’t mean that pop is bad, it’s just your own subjective opinion. So, I felt like this person was just talking about how they personally felt about the matter, not basing anything on facts, but rather on pure personal views.
    And as expected it didn’t describe me accurately at all.

    1. Well, read the newer post: Venus in Capricorn: revisited.
      Venus in Capricorn is a wonderful placement in many ways. Like ALL placements, it has its “low” side- and it is interesting to consider.

      This is my personal blog. My personal tastes and opinions are expressed here. We sadly live in a culture where all things are “relative,” including bad/good art and even the notion of good/evil. Post-modernism is boring like that and shuts people away from voicing their thoughts in fear of offending others.

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