Descendant in Pisces: Love and Relationships

Kurt Cobain
Did I say eyes? Amanda has a Pisces rising

Your 7th house is all about your relationships with others. Ruled by Libra and Venus it is a good place to study when questions of love arise. If you have this placement then this means you have a Virgo ascendant. The sign here will show your other half, and the type of people you attract or want in your life. Or the people who want you- and you can’t help but wonder why?

A Pisces Descendant is not an easy place to be. These are people that appear very earthy, analytical, and precise- on the surface. Pisces is the opposite of Virgo as it embodies: transcendence and emotions -it’s anything but precise. The Pisces cannot be pinned down, it’s wishy washy and likes to run away into some other world. Like the hippies of the 60’sthe Pisces idea of love is all beautiful- but it doesn’t always deliver in the material world.

So now you can maybe understand what kind of difficulty such a placement can have. The Virgo rising person attracts people that are full of beautiful ideas and promises- that can prove to be completely untrue! The Virgo rising is fascinated with these people who can bring so much emotion into their life. But they must be careful to always seek the truth and not believe everything that is being promised.

Why are the Pisces types running towards the Virgo risings? As the old saying goes: “opposites attract”, and so the Pisces thinks that the Virgo is wonderful finally! Someone sensitive enough to listen to all the problems, wash the dishes, pay the bills. This is the relationship where one person is pursuing a dream to become an author for years- while the other person is the one taking care of all the real life stuff for them.

The good news is that the partner you are very likely to have is going to have amazing eyes. Not kidding, Pisces eyes are the ones with long lashes sparkles in them, blue or just dreamy and pretty.  You will find love with a very idealistic person, an artist, and musician. Your partner is going to be a person who will be very sweet and gentle towards you, who will look at you as if you a god or goddess. They will idealize you and think you are the best.

To know where and how you shall find this spiritual being, just look at the placement of your Neptune and Jupiter. The houses and signs they are in, can give you a clue of who this person might be.  All you have to do is make sure to have clear boundaries in the relationship.

Pleas watch out for these things:

Any drug or alcohol use-always avoid being the one to heal or fix the person. This will only result in pain for you. Not that you cannot help- but you will ruin yourself in the process.

Empty promises that never actually come true- watch the actions forget the words

Don’t have lovers take money or anything you hold dear for the sake of “helping them”

Make sure that they don’t have a criminal record (really)

Enjoy these things:

Helping them a little bit with making their dreams come true

Learning to have you emotions take hold in everyday life

Remembering you dreams and ideals- and making them a reality

The beautiful creativity and spirituality of your lover s and friends

Hope this post has been helpful, if you have any questions you are welcome to ask me.

I apologize for the long delay in posts. I was going through some difficult changes and transits 🙂

16 thoughts on “Descendant in Pisces: Love and Relationships”

  1. Hi Lee,

    I’m finally coming across your article after three years. Are you saying the Virgo rising (male) doesn’t like (can’t stand) Pisces (female) even though they seem to find him or because he finds the Pisces female??

    I’m Pisces (03/10) and he’s Virgo rising.

    1. Hi costarica,
      No, I’m not saying that. This is not about Sun signs but the sign ruling your 7th house…In case there is any confusion.
      If you are speaking about your Ascendents being in opposite signs like Virgo-Pisces this is another matter. You both have a lot to learn from each other. The attraction too will be strong. I suggest you make a Synastry chart and see what else is going on.

      1. What part of my comment relayed I was talking about the Sun sign?
        His 7th house has Pisces. I happen to be Pisces. Both our Sun signs are Leo – a issue all of its own right there for another time.
        Appreciate you responding none the less.

  2. This is very true, I spent 8 years (18-27) with a Pisces man who was the only person I ever loved. I thought he had the warmest and most kind eyes, so many idealistic promises, and he treated everyone he met equally. Except in the relationship, he was emotionally abusive and it ended up as mentioned above, me paying for everything, taking care of him, having no boundaries. He has a Scorpio descendant, Pluto in the 7th house, and Venus in the 12th house, so he constantly projected his lack of trustworthiness onto me, despite being the one who cheated, lied, and stole. He was so delusional and consumed with his fantasies that he left me because my looks meant I couldn’t be trusted.

    I felt I would never meet someone who made me feel so emotional and was terrified to lose that feeling of being alive. I’m an Aquarius sun, moon, Mercury, and Saturn (5th house).. having fun is tough. But there is certainly nothing worse than being alone in a relationship.

    1. Sorry to hear about this challenging relationship and what you had to go through. It is worth looking at the Synastry and seeing if hard Neptune aspects applied. As you have noted, Pluto in the 7th house can contribute to the issue. Of course, many Pisces/Neptune folks are highly loving and caring even with those aspects.
      You have Aquarius energy in the house of Leo! It has a great potential for creativity and powerful individuality that is responsible towards society. Think of the sign in it’s opposite house as a creation of something whole- two sides of the same coin.
      I imagine without seeing the chart you will do well with people who have planets in the 11th house/Gemini.

  3. Hi Lee80. Great Article!

    I have a question about the relationship between neptune, jupiter, and romance. Can you elaborate on those details a bit more? I’m virgo rising pisces descendant. My capricorn fifth house neptune is trine with my 12th house virgo sun and sextile scorpio 3rd house moon. Jupiter is likewise 4th house capricorn sextiled with the scorpio 3rd house moon and trine taurus 9th house mars.

    Where is he???? Help!

    1. Sorry, I have been corrected in my reading of the natal chart. Here is my edited question:

      I have a question about the relationship between neptune, jupiter, and romance. Can you elaborate on those details a bit more? I’m virgo rising pisces descendant. My capricorn fourth house neptune is trine with my 12th house virgo sun and sextiled with my sag 3rd house moon. Jupiter is 10th house leo sesquisquared with the sag 3rd house moon and sextiled taurus 9th house mars.

      What does this tell us about where I will meet my partner? Where is he?

      1. Neptune and Jupiter often relate to our dreams and ideals in a relationship. Generally speaking, Neptune is about spiritual love and dreams and Jupiter about future hopes and opening the heart.
        Without seeing your chart and the few placements you described I’ll say something like this:
        You probably had some unique atmosphere in your early childhood that is affecting how you see love. You have an ideal that is very romantic and beautiful about how love should look like. Maybe one of your parents made you develop this “high” idea…Very hard to find in the real world.
        Lucky for you, this Neptune is trining your already very sensitive spiritual Virgo Sun. I think it means you have a great capacity for giving and loving a person with no conditions. Your Moon too is like Jupiter- big emotions and a thirst for truth. You will need a partner who is full of wisdom, spiritual, philosophical, kind and creative. You need a person who you can talk to about dreamy things…Plan a future. Yet, they will need to have a good job and standing in society (practical and security giving Taurus). So no spiritual traveler nomade hippie for you ;). A leader in his field who might be a Leo with some Cancer/Pisces traits.

  4. Hi ! I love this and it truely helped me figure out some inter battles with in myself. I have just lately been trying to figure out my Pisces descendant and what it hold for my love life. I did have a question though ! You said if “To know where and how you shall find this spiritual being, just look at the placement of your Neptune and Jupiter. ” I was wondering if you would be able to explain that part in a bit more detail because I would really love to be able to do that ! Thank you !!!

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful.
      Neptune rules the Pisces 7th house, Jupiter is the traditional ruler (or not). The point is you can see how Neptune is located/aspected to know about the type of person you attract.
      I still use Sun, Mars/Venus and Jupiter for a complete picture on that topic.
      Also consider if you have any 12th house planets.
      So let I say, you have Neptune in the 4th house. The partner will have to feel like “home”. They will be extra private and sensetive. In the 1st house they will project thier ideals and make you thier muse. This is all very simplistic of course! The entire chart needs considering.

      1. Thank you !! I’ve been trying to figure out my birth chart better and this was a lot of help !

  5. I’m a cancer in horoscope,my moon signs is a capricorn,and i’m virgo rising .
    Descendant in Pisces
    What is that?
    I can’t understand anything:(:(

  6. This is very uncomfortable …i have Dsc in Pieces 10.33. My Neptus in Saggitarius in Ic 3.44 that squares my Ascendent in Virgo 10.33 and opposites Mc. T- square. My Ascendent conjuncts Venus 13.10 wich is squaring by Saturn 20.21 and this Neptun. How do I live with this aspekts. I’divorced i have 2 children. Younger is apart since few years. I throwed my Sun for His own best. He live with my husband. Each relation disappointments. My partners leaves me. Please give me hope. Second child presents by some astrologers by 7th house. By others – 6th house.

    1. I’m sorry about the difficulties you are facing. There is always hope and change so don’t give up.
      Without seeing the actual chart I can say it is very important you bring clarity and honesty into your relations with other people. Please always write down or speak clearly about what you need, want and expect from potential partners.
      Please give me full birth details for a reading.

  7. Hello thank you so much for sharing this. I have been dating by natal charts for the past 6 years and just found out about my decedent tonight. what planets and houses should i be looking for. march 1 1988 6;57 pm united states

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