Taking Care of Your Moon


Your Moon sign, that mysterious living force within you. The moon just like the mind is always shifting for it is never in its full power and yet never defeated. Your inner emotional stability or lack of it, your secret dreams and hopes and your nightly trips to the fridge for a piece of cake; all fall under the magic spell of the Moon.

We all know how our home life shaped who we are today, but we don’t always ask how this knowledge can help us. I want to tell you the most important thing about your Moon placement: Learn to take care of it, nurture and love it. For even if it shows that you had a great mother and family life and were much loved, it will also show where the nurture you received wasn’t the best one for you. As adults we must learn to take care of our own needs and this includes our own homes. But the real home is within: the home of the soul, that place where you feel most safe and comforted. A Moon that isn’t accepted and well taken care of will result in many problems. This can be weight gain due to emotional eating, depression, mood swings and anger. This may sound like the domain of the Sign of Cancer and indeed it is, as this is the ruling sign of our Moon. The Moon is your shadow and it hates being repressed. Self-expression is the key for a healthy emotional life. The sign and house placement will tell you what the best way for you to feel good is.

I will be happy to answer individual questions about you Moon as there is much more to be said. Here I will outline a few simple guide lines that can help.

Fire sign Moon: Needs to be extroverted or it might as well not exist. The fire Moon craves exchange with others in order to be at peace. A lack of this exchange can lead to illness and emotional pain- which is really an extroverted form of loss. Creative pursuits that involve people are a good place to start.

Air sign Moon: Needs balance between the emotional and the intellectual. Exchanging ideas through media and conversation is common. If the voice of the Moon isn’t heard then it may become a confused mess inside the persons mind; causing many mental problems. The Moon needs to be kept interested and involved but also restrained and contained.

Earth sign Moon: Needs a stable space in life that doesn’t involve rapid emotional demands. A stressful environment is very difficult for this Moon to handle. It also needs to be surrounded by familiar things and habits. Balancing the new and old is important.

Water sign Moon: Needs time alone to regain energy and process emotions. Creative work that is done alone is best. Working with too many people can be emotionally draining. The intuition needs expression in daily life and must not be ignored.

10 thoughts on “Taking Care of Your Moon”

  1. Hi
    I really enjoyed reading your post.. I had a question though. When you are looking at a chart, do you firsr interpret a planet by the sign or by the house it inhibits? Like I have my moon in Aries and in my 8th house. How do I combine and interpret this information?

    1. Hello Ananya,
      Thank you I’m ver happy to hear you enjoyed the post.
      When interperting your chart you should look at the sign the planet is in before the house. A good way to understand it is that the Sign is the meaning and the house is how this meaning is expressed.
      You Moon in Aries is still a Moon in Aries but it is in the 8th house of Scorpio. The 8th house “hides” things it is a “deep” house. So your Aries Moon is more focused inside your inner world instead of a aries Moon that everybody else can see (say if its in the 3rd of 5th house).Moon in the 8th house people are very intuitive about people- now combine that with what aries is good at and you get your own type of talent.
      Hope this helps and feel free to ask if anything doesnt make sense. also in your case the Rising Sign is something to think about- as Aries rules the first house.

  2. Love this post. I like your point about self expression being important and how repression of our moon can cause many problems. That is very true. My sun sign is Pisces and my Moon is in Virgo. Very very difficult for me to balance sometimes. Any advice you can give me? I would love to hear your input.

    Oyeezy Vibes

    1. Thank you dear Olivia , I am so glad to hear this resonated with you, It motivated me to get back into writing, and getting better at it.
      You have a classical Mind Vs Body placement :0
      Personally, I think it is great – just a little hard for you. I can also tell you it gets better with age- you will come out into a more secure placement in the world over time.
      What you have are opposite signs, and so balance is really a key point. Of course, the whole chart should be looked at for clues but here is what I can tell you. For you balance is between emotions- Sun and your analytical mind- Moon. People with this combination can sometimes get stuck between actions, analyzing everything or getting lost in emotions. You might feel as if any decision you make is only”half right” and completely not you in other areas. The good side- is like any opposing forces they can be extra powerful- like a neverending battery.
      You can make dreamy, creative, spiritual, things into very practical reality, in you family, job or art. Instead of thinking about how you feel try expressing it through Pisces things and then it will balance out.
      In general would suggest not to divide things in your life, instead trying to combine them. (aspects to Sun and Moon can tell you where to direct this magic battery). Moon in Virgo people are truly smart in the full sense of the world, many famous writers have this placement…

      Wish you well

      1. I appreciate that very much. I will take the advice and definitely keep in mind about instead of thinking about my feelings, to express them in someway. I would like to stay in touch! I am very passionate about astrology, and love people who enjoy it as well. It’s a beautiful thing.

  3. Very accurate as a fire sign moon (leo-which pretty sure the need for socialization makes that even stronger) loneliness is crippling.

  4. I love astrology and it’s very fascinating to learn the different aspects of different position. Would you please give me an input on my moon in scorpio in the 8th house and what are the challenges I have to be aware of to work with it easier. Thanks in advance

    1. Hello,
      You are a classic Scorpio Moon and everything to do with your Moon nature would be playing out in areas that deeply psychological and hidden from other people.
      You probably have a very inquisitive nature and an emotional depth that is not expressed.

      As far as challenges go:
      Hard time trusting people.
      Hard time expressing complex emotions.
      Having very extreme relationships and attachments to others.
      Having a hard time accepting your own emotional nature and fully seeing it.

      On the positive side:
      Ability to see the hidden emotional currents in other people.
      Emotional intelligence.
      Honesty about hard things that no one likes to face.
      Good research ability and talents of the mind.
      Deeply caring and protective of those you trust.

      Most Scorpio Moon’s (Including myself) need an outlet of expression in the form os some psychological work, healing, art or even working with other people’s money.

      In a male chart this Moon would be more about your mother figure and the type of woman who feel like “home”.

      I would suggest you look at what aspects in your natal chart other planets to your Moon make. Try and look for easy aspects to see how you can work through your challenges better.

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