What do Hannibal and law and Order have in common? Scorpio of course

Many of you may know the show or at least heard about it, and for good reason. The show focuses on a highly intelligent psychopath doctor Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), who happens to also cook gourmet meals from his victims. Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) is an empath with some issues…They both are there to solve the crimes. In itself not too different than most in the criminal genre including TV shows like: Law and order or Criminal Minds. To make story short this show is not for the weak of stomach. As someone with high level of empathy myself, I found the images of body parts and death hard to watch. Although i really I love shows that feature an in depth look at a character’s psychology and I don’t mind murder and crime in the mix but this show crosses the line for me.

Anyway, the cool thing is the astrology of this show’s two main characters. When I see shows like that all I can think of is: Scorpio, Scorpio…and amazingly it is the very much the case. If detective shows had a horoscope it would be in the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Aries.

Dick wolf the creator of: Law and Order, Chicago P.D, SVU is a Scorpio Moon, Venus and Jupiter.

Hannibal has two main characters for three seasons, that make the show (not including all the dead and abused people) and for the sake of TV they are an Astrological couple.Hugh Dancy who plays the troubled empath that can get into the head of any psychopath is a Gemini with Scorpio Moon and Hannibal played by Mads Mikkelsen is a double Scorpio: Sun, and Moon with a strong Capricorn stellium that allows him to play the cold, sophisticated doctor. They are promised to understand each other and get along very well. Hugh also has his Mars in Aries which after Scorpio is a most common sign associated with heroic action and violence.

Interesting isn’t it? I would like to one day write a detailed analysis on the subject.

Do you watch this show? If you do I would love to know your sign.

6 thoughts on “What do Hannibal and law and Order have in common? Scorpio of course”

  1. Hey, I’m a Virgo Sun,with Scorp. rising & Cap. moon.
    I too watch Hannibal.Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal of Dr.Lecter,is so fascinating, reflects the Scorp./Cap. influence immensely.

    1. Hi,
      It is a rather spot on portrayal! Mikkelsen’s chart is a facinating mix of these two signs- control and intensity.
      Also Capricorn and Scorpio (Moon especially) are alike


  2. Hi, I thought Hannibal was really scorpio as well!! Didn’t really agree with Harris’s capricorn because capricorn to me seemed dull (they may be smart but not in a quick and witty nor wise way) and unsophisticated and most of all rule-followers (which is really not hannibal :’D) (or people with Capricorn sun that I have seen are like that, but not hannibal (at least not the tv hannibal), hannibal is really like scorpio, cruel, all about betrayal and revenge, full of charisma, sophisticated, cunning genius, quick and witty, manipulative, dark, king of night, rebel etc. ) And then when I saw Mads’s sign I was like yep Scorpio ❤ (Well, people did say that he really made the character his own uwu) And did you mean his rising is Capricorn by saying 'strong capricorn'? I'm happy to see Hugh being Gemini and Mars in Aries hahaha (cause I am Aries Sun Capricorn Rising and Gemini Moon (;

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