10 Astrological Life hacks

1. Know you are so much more…Then your Sun sign.

2. Always keep tabs on approaching transits. That way next time you want to eat your refrigerator, flirt with your neighbor or kill their dog- you know why.

3. Plan ahead- get your Solar Return chart done a few days before your Birthday- so you know where to invest your energies and where to let go.

4. Know your weak points – Remember you have a messed up aspect to Neptune before you decide to drink that glass of wine or help out at the local rehab.

5. Finally, learn to get along with everybody! Because everyone is so much less annoying once you know why they do what they do. Suddenly you will find yourself liking the whole of Humanity and not because your naïve. Because you are accepting!

6. Save time, money and tears by not dating that one person that your chart promises is your downfall. A very attractive downfall though they might be.

7. Save someone’s life. Seriously. Before Astrology you had no idea you could heal with your hands, or heart, or thoughts or whatever. Now look! You are a healer!

8. Save yourself from a terrible vacation by doing a relocation chart in advance. All planets in the 6th house- this is no place for fun. And yes I know this is Las Vegas.  Do you really want to lose your money too? Didn’t think so.

9. Always start a diet on a new Moon. Always.  And don’t get a haircut when Venus opposes your Neptune- go write poetry instead.

10. Have the perfect excuse…For everything.  Parents wonder why you are still single- save them the energy and explain you will get married later because of your Saturn. To make it less mean maybe add you are bound to marry rich. If neither is the case let them know they shouldn’t pry into the privacy of a Scorpio Moon. Doesn’t work?  Well at least you still have a perfect excuse to be miserable Moon…And all.

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