Venus in the 8th house/Venus in Scorpio

“That amazing moment when you find out the truth”

Note: though this post describes the development of a Venus in the 8th house it greatly applies to people with charts that involve many/planets in the 8th and aspects to Pluto between the Sun and Venus


How does Venus  translate in its opposite house of Scorpio?  Venus as you know, is ruled by Taurus- a strong sensual sign in some ways reminiscent of its opposite Scorpio. After all, both signs know what they want and value and they will do a lot to make sure they have it.  Venus is usually described as the planet of love and beauty, but in truth it is more the planet of values. It so happens that we value is: beauty, luxury and love. But where Venus is placed and how it is aspected will greatly differ in terms of what it is really about.  I would suggest that Venus is more about the sensual material things in life: from trips abroad to fashion, it is very much involved. In the 8th, these material things need to transform into the  spiritual.

The 8th house is a complicated house. I once described it as a dark cave or hole- and I stand by that. And as you know a dark cave or hole is dark only in contrast to all the light outside. If so, any planet in some hidden manner shines through in this house! It’s a complicated ordeal don’t get me wrong- but it’s not a negative one.  Then again it sure can be- as Venus is so sensual that it can be put to the test in a house that deals with other people’s money and sex. That said, let me describe this placement to the best of my ability.

Venus in the 8th development: 

Venus in the 8th house has a love problem- their lesson in life is to learn a full all-consuming spiritual love that lets go of power. These are people with a very rich emotional life- no matter if its good or bad they tend to value this intensity that makes them feel alive. This life is usually well hidden or obscured by all sorts of things so other people rarely know the extent of feeling that is there. A Venus in the 8th house was born with love emanating from them in waves- somewhat erotic or misunderstood most likely by them and their families. The type of reactions this Scorpio/8th house Venus arouses from people as children even is a bit freighting. People around them feel confronted with their own hidden needs and so they try to control or become controlled by the young 8th house Venus. The result is that extreme boundaries and issues of power and control are a major theme in any 8th house love life- on that a little  later.

How that plays out differs- a Leo 8th house Venus may be that kid that plays in theater or even dances while the Virgo Venus may become so strict with controlling themselves and their “wrong” emotions and urges  to the point of repression.  The key here is, that almost always their loving nature is not understood by others so much. Like Plutonian people they too can be labeled as dangerous, strange and wrong by parents and teachers or society. Why? They don’t know their own love nature and so they accept what other people tell them- that they are a little too intense and a little wild or maybe even crazy.

As teenagers, they naturally become most aware and awakened to their potential for emotional understanding- as they usually have a high intelligence in this regard, they know that things are complicated early on, and during this stage of life they become somewhat preoccupied with this range of emotions that can be labeled as “dark”.  It is common for them to be interested in anything the subculture had to offer as long as it is also somewhat beautiful in a broken or poetic kind of way. They want to learn and feel everything and therefore, keep finding themselves in situations that are a little extreme or overwhelming. They form relationships that offer them the experience of deep emotional intimacy.  The thing is that teenagers though prone to dramatic behaviors and mood swings, don’t always have the capacity for a relationship not based on superficial things that is so fully needed by the Venus in the 8th house. At first, they may try very hard to fit into those superficial roles- they do know how to style themselves in that way that makes them popular. After all they are so into the rebel counter culture. If they manage to find their place in that way that is great but chances are they will find most relationships lack the meaning and loyalty they so value.  It is during their teenage years they begin to reconsider all they learned as children about their ability to give and receive love.  By their love of rebel culture, they allow themselves not to control the intense urges for intimacy. You see- it is all just a tool for that end and most likely they don’t agree with the values of the counter- culture.  They simply use the fashion, music and rhetoric of a darker nature to allow some healthy self-expression.

The way this plays out greatly differs- some 8th house Venus teens allow the feelings to rise through art, books or even sports. They may hide in their room for hours writing suicidal poetry and listening to Gothic music. Others take a more risky road that involves going out into the world without protection- as protecting their heart is not going to allow them to delve deep into the human love they yearn to experience. Whether in fantasy or reality, most 8th house Venus has stormy teenage years that involved some major transformation as a result of a relationship or even a tragedy.

The mature 8th house Venus is a person that finally cultivated their attraction to the fatal with a high level of ability to give and receive erotic energy. The best way to illustrate this is by the stages described above. The first stage involved a denial of one’s ability to love and be loved in the way that as needed. Even if they were very loved by people- just not in  a way that felt good.  They may have learned that when they love another- be it a parent, brother or friends- it is wrong. They learned that they take too much- ask for too much and give something that others understand as erotic instead of pure. By erotic I mean it aroused some dark emotional currents in their loved ones and as a result they were deeply rejected or used- all this happens on some very invisible level and chances are it happens in the Venus 8th house person’s soul- which makes it a very real experience for them. This description is also true in some way about other planets in the 8th house and major aspects to Pluto (I wish to write a post just about that one day).

In addition to having some complicated emotional needs and a lot of lessons about being loved and loving others. Venus in the 8th house is greatly related with dealing with other people’s money and possessions. These people may not arouse other people to be nice to them but it arouses them to trust them with what they own. Interesting right? In part I believe that the great emotional needs they had translated into material and sensual needs- more easily answered!  Even if they grew up very poor they still knew how to find something or receive what they wanted from others- as long as it was material. The same intense and (sorry but it’s the best word) erotic energy they had allowed them to attract luxury into their lives. Luxury could mean just having a little more than those around them – so it always depends on that. I think that learning to use the same charm for unselfish means is the real lesson here.

They are very good with making something out of nothing and can really make money grow.  They are generally very good at attracting the luxury of this world as long as they don’t own it. For example, it’s not uncommon for them to work in charity organizations where they end up collecting the highest donations. Anything they touch with their senses becomes suddenly more valuable. This at times can be true of people – they can elevate someone’s status by being with them! In all cases they are a little behind the scenes and the success largely depends on how much of their emotions they invest.

This brings us to the topic of relationships and marriage. Here the genders should be separated. The women with the 8th house Venus need and want someone who can offer them a cocktail of intoxicating romance which at times is toxic.  What this drug looks like depends on the sign but in all cases a need for a special kind of intimacy is present.  They want someone who is strong enough to accept their love without fear- and be consumed by it. Someone they can trust not to use that against them in anyway. They learned that love is all or nothing- because when younger their love was either rejected and feared or accepted and abused. The best partner for them is someone who can appreciate what they offer while still being strong enough to not let all the passion and desire become too much- In other words someone who is capable of a soul bond but also of setting boundaries. Can you imagine someone like that? Strong enough to let go and keep it together at the same time, now that is magic.

Women here need to be very careful that they marry for the right reasons- as they may give up on the above ideal and settle for someone who is only socially powerful. They may confuse money and power with spiritual strength. As they naturally have that something about them that attracts powerful (controlling) people who just happen to be rich. I’m sorry to say but the low current of such placement tends to marry for money. Unlike the 10th house Venus it is not a real need- they don’t need the luxury they just need to feel protected enough to bond with another person.

Man with this Venus need a partner that is a little complex- someone who is mysterious. They too should be careful they marry or commit for the right reasons- they need to learn to be connected to their hearts desire even if it is hard to understand.

In conclusion, the Venus in the 8th house is that person who will transform themselves many times. They go through stages when all they can do is take from others- and moments of pure despair when one they give isn’t appreciated. They love with passion that is powerful, soulful, poetic and sensitive to the hidden aspects of life.

They can teach others to really enjoy being in love even if it doesn’t feel good. Their love is going to have an element of pain in it- always, but also healing for all the people who were not loved and accepted- and most of all they learn to love themselves with all their faults. As they are truly beautiful in their way of loving even the broken things that can e made whole again. They see the broken parts in other people but they paint them with a fire os passion and rebirth…So they transform the person they love and themselves forever.

34 thoughts on “Venus in the 8th house/Venus in Scorpio”

  1. In my experience, Venus is 8th has problems relating sexualities and intimacy. How many times have we noticed people having hidden affairs, and secracy in marriage life. Overall not a good place for marriage especially in a man’s chart. In female chart this brings lust for luxuries and riches. Envious nature ultimately lead to disappointments in family life and martial separation and extramarital affairs. Remember 8th house is 6th from 3rd.

    1. Hi Sri, thank you for commenting. Its true that Venus in the 8th house people tend to have a lot of secrets when it comes to love. Part of the reason this happens, is that the venus in the 8th house person feels very exposed with thier emotions and empathy, therfore hiding a relationship or the feelings within it is made to protect them from exposure- which is precieved as dangerous. I don’t think that means they are not loyal- they can be some of the most loyal people out there.

      1. I Agree.. they may be loyal.. disloyality is not the only thing to hide.. Homosexuality, odd kink or sexual diseases can also often be caused in this house. In Aquarius ascendant Venus is debilitated.. that can create these problems

      2. Thankfully, All is possibal. What matters is we have free choice and no placement or sign changes that. There is a negative and a positive to every placement- and the person chooses where to take their natural inclination. – I believe. The Venus in the 8th house is able to reach depth of love that is very rare and bring it to the surface of thier relationship- even when it seems love is impossibal. That is a nice gift to have. Can they isntead ruin love and lie? Yes, but so can any other person.

      3. I wouldn’t ever doubt Venus in the 8th house being loyal. It is nobody being enough devoted that sets the disappointment in marriage life. We expect what we give and that leads to disappointment. We are never infidel we are taking revenge if necessary. It’ s not complicated at all.

    2. I strongly dissagree with you. I have my Venus in the 8th house in Scorpio. And not once has it even come to my mind to cheat or start an affair of any kind. I am a male, and happily married. I don’t think you can say as much as you do now about a person, by the placement of only one planet in a particular house…

      1. I’m glad you point this out. No one placement in Astrology is enough to form such a conclusion. This is simply one planet in one house…That’s it. We all have free will.
        What we can see is this is a Venus that causes a strong reaction in people! It forces them to see their own shadow and desires. It is easy to blame the Venus in the 8th person as being the cause of these feelings.
        Venus in a water house is rather loyal in nature for the most part. If we want to be generic, the exception being a 12th house Venus that can easily cross boundaries without meaning. If to be even more stereotypical..A 5th&11th house Venus is more open to crossing the line.

  2. I am a Gemi….in a full swing of organic craziness and nobility of life….all is good, all can be nicely balanced. No worries, we are here to bring you aliveness into life of borderless….”same on same on, no more!”

  3. So far the most profound interpretation. I’m a Venus 8 Aries and always afraid of let go of power and eventually build a wall between me and any potential lovers. Tend to attract dominating partners as I grow up and feel intimidated by exposing my vulnerabilities to them. True that looking for a strong and someone who has emotional depth to exchange the love. But it’s so hard to find the one that has the spiritual strength while materially successful. Sometimes I feel myself not deserved of any love in return coz I’m toxicated wounded victimised weak and crazy. Too many Pluto aspects (positive) and planets in 8 house. Always feel lonely but not resist it.dislike all superficial beings find that meaningless.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. If Pluto is a major theme in your chart it can be very intense. What Venus in the 8th is really there to show you is that you will have to truly (deeply) value and love yourself. There is no negative charts- if anything the harder a chart looks the more beuaty and potential a person has. Pluto gives you amazing strength and power to overcome things other people would not be able to. You are magnetic to others and have so much to offer the world. Imagine Pluto as a never ending battery- it truly is. The question is- are you using the energy for the right things? It all comes down to directing the intensity towards the right goals. The rest of your chart can give you clues as to what that can be. Also Pluto is like fine wine- gets better with age. I will be writing more a about 8th house placements soon, hopefully that will be helpful.

      1. Yessss more on the 8th house please!!! 🙏🏻
        It’s so true though, I’m really starting to learn to value and love myself, no matter what.

    1. Not doomed at all. If anything a planet in a house that matches the sign is more easly expressed. You would need to consider what house Neptune falls in and any other aspetcs to both neptune and Venus.

    2. Shelby, you’re not doomed. My Venus is in the 8th house AND Scorpio. If anything, I believe the placement makes us able to love deeply… more deeply than others. It also makes us crave something, that is very hard to find. A dept in love, that not too many people posess. I count myself lucky I have found that dept of love in my wife.

      And yes, it might maybe, make us drawn to the somewhat darker side of certain things. Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. All I know is, that only few people truly know what’s going on in my mind. And I prefer keeping it that way 😛 But we’re anything but doomed….

    3. Not doomed at all. If anything a planet in a house that matches the sign is more easily expressed. You would need to consider what house Neptune falls in and any other aspects to both Neptune and Venus.

  4. For Venus dasa and placed in 8th house for sure make someone to get addicted to secret pleasures. It can be woman, gambling or alcohol & drugs. So they enjoy life like a king without any worries. Their spouse works harder then the native and if Venus is sitting in its own house or exalted then the native’s spouse will look beautiful & be more successful than the native.If Venus debilitated or weak in the 8 th house then the spouse may commit suicide due to stress or other domestic problems. These events may happen when running Venus dasa, antara dasa or sub antara dasa. The star lord of Venus that Venus sitting on will plan the journey to these events to happen. The strength of the star lord will determine how the success rate of the events to happen.

  5. Not saying your wrong about this Venus placement you left out their sexual enegry. Venus is the planet of love and attraction and Pluto is the planet of death, life, and sex. So combine together this give this native a strong sexual magnetic appeal. I have experiences this cause I have Venus placement not to sound cocky but women can’t get enough of me. It like I walk in to a room and all eyes are me. I generally get compliment by woman which spark up easy conversation which lead to sexual activity but never leaves to relationship, just one night stand or sex affairs that have them wanting for more. This placements surpises me how so many women want have sex with me. maybe it my appearance but I think I’m not that sexy, but I have been told i look like could be a movies star or a professional athlete

    1. Of course, this Venus is a very attractive placement in its own way 😉
      What you describe could probably relate to other addtional factors in your chart. Perhaps even Mars (athletic) or your Ascendent.

  6. ”They may hide in their room for hours writing suicidal poetry and listening to Gothic music.” When i was a teenager i was this goth and spent most of my time after school in my bedroom, writing fantasy stories and listening to Type O negative and The 69 eyes xD You just described my teenage years!

    Everything is spot on!

  7. Venus in scorpio ( conjunct Jupiter ) in the 8th here . Great article, I can totally relate . All or nothing definitely sums up my love life !

  8. I’m a Virgo Venus in the eighth house. I’ve been in a limbo-like relationship for 13 yrs. To this day, he knows nothing about me and complains vehemently all the time. Secretly, I’m proud he knows nothing. Aside from some good qualities he has; loving, nurturing, generous, loyal–I can literally read him, and he would use anything sentimental to me against me in a verbal fight. And my senses were correct. I tested him a year or so back. Dropped a false tidbit of info. Boy did he exhaust the heck out of it during a spat. He failed that test and he will never, ever know anything about me.

    1. What a beautiful and accurate look into this placement! Sounds very scorpio Moon like. The fear of having anything used against you is powerful. In fact, I won’t be surprised if you would find it the worst betreyal.
      I would ask myself what the price of not being able to fully express and be yourself with the person you love is?
      If you think about it…At the end of the day, your partner now knows your greatest fear anyway. He has failed but oh dear (Virgo!) perhaps he can be given small chances to try again. Who knows? You might be surprised by how liberating it can be to be vulnerable. He could fail again of course…But perhaps you won’t fear doing ti as much with your partner or anyone else in your life.
      Why? Because even if you do tell them things about yourself they won’t understand most of it anyway 😉

  9. would a man with scorpio moon , venus and pluto in 8th house and mars in cancer in 4th house be extremely loyal (libra sun and mercury in 7th house?

    1. These placements show more the type of woman or partner HE would commit to. She would have the qualities of Scorpio/Cancer.
      If he dates a woman who fits other needs in his chart he won’t be very loyal to her and it won’t last.
      For loyalty and how he is in relationships you would need to look at Moon-Venus aspects and importantly SATURN.
      In my view, Moon is the wife and Venus is the lover. For some people it is the same person and for other people…Different type of people.

      -Moon-Venus aspects= the lover and wife are one person.
      – No Moon-Venus aspects= more complicated.

  10. this article is great and spot on for me, thank you very much, i am curious to know more about venus in 8th house, while also being in sagittarius?

    1. Thank you for reading. Venus in Sagittarius is very idealistic and tends to approach love as part of personal growth and future dreams. The 8th house is the arena where Venus “plays” and feels attractive, alive and full of love. Therefore you can become very philosophical about relationships and relating and always seek to EXPAND (Jupiter principle) your ability to love deep (8th house). You could feel that when your self-esteem is good you have a lot of love but also struggle with fears about being disappointed or going too far. You may find out things that complicated or too dark but you will always bounce back into the natural mode of exploration that this Venus needs.
      Venus here needs to learn to keep the inner flame alive and not fall into the despair that the “truth” can sometimes bring.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. As Venus in 8th house myself , I highly resonate with every thing you said… I tend to crave a love that is very very deep& out of this world. Am currently in relationship with a Venus in Sagittarius that is carefree which frustrates me as a Venus in Capricorn 8th house.

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