Q&a; quick readings

Here in the comments, you can ask one Astrological question at a time and I will reply.  

Please ask a specific question related to Astrology in general or about yourself.

I will not reply regarding predictions of the future.

29 thoughts on “Q&a; quick readings”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective on the Virgo ascendant, your style of writing is easily digestible despite its intricacies. I was wondering if you’d ever feel up to writing more on the ascendants, more specifically Pisces..perhaps Aquarius too?

    It would be deeply appreciated

    1. Thank you. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the posts (regardless of their messiness).
      I would be happy to write about the Ascendents again- absolutely.
      I admit that once you go in depth in Astrology writing about one placement seems a little flat. So many nuances!
      Are you a Pisces or Aqurius rising?

    2. Thank u. I came across your blog very recently and enjoyed reading your posts. Ruler of my tenth house (sun) is in fourth house conjunct Saturn. My Saturn return has just started. Could u explain a little bit about Uranus square mid heaven( my Chiron conjunct mid heaven) ? When the aspect was about to start I quit academics ( PhD research )and started preparing for public services examination. Had to go through many humiliations and sense of failure before I quit. Somehow I was never able to write my PhD thesis.

    1. Chiron conjunct MC in Leo would suggest some sensitivity around your public image and how your personal relationships are seen by the world. See where the Sun (ruler of Leo) is located and what aspects are being made to it to know more.

  2. Thank u. I came across your posts recently and enjoyed reading them. Could u elaborate a little bit on Uranus square mid heaven ( for me chiron retrograde conjunct midheaven )? When the aspect was about to start I changed my career path. Ruler of 10th house ( Sun ) is in 4 th house conjunct saturn. Earlier I was involved in academics, doing PhD research. Had to go through a lot of humiliation and felt a strong sense of failure before I quit.

    1. Hello, Thank you for reading.
      I always prefer seeing the entire chart and not isolated aspects. I am not sure if you are asking about a transit or a natal aspect? What I can say is…There is no running away from our Saturn lessons. What I would suggest doing is looking at supportive aspects to Saturn and the Sun.
      – Does your Sun sextile or trine another planet?
      – Planets in the 5th house and aspects to that house?
      – What career path are you on now?

      Please give me birth details so I can give you an in depth reply.


      1. Thank you for the reply. My question was transiting Uranus square natal midheaven. In my natal chart I have Chiron retrograde conjunct midheaven. My birth date is Feb 3 1992.
        – My sun and Saturn don’t have any sextiles or trines but has squares from Pluto
        – I have no planets in 5th house which is pisces
        – Now I am preparing for Public Services Competitive exams. I lost total interest in getting a PhD degree for myself. I feel tat a service job will suit me better.
        If u could shed light on my career path it would immensely help me. Because sometimes self doubts block my progression towards my career.

      2. I can but please include place and accurate time of birth (if possible). I agree Saturn and Pluto square Sun hold an important key in blocking your path.

  3. Thanks a lot for the reply Lee. You are right about the squares blocking my path. I had a lot of interest in PhD research initially. But I didn’t get the support I required from my guide. I guess my guide’s Saturn is conjunct my north node . Slowly my interest started waning in research and couldn’t complete my PhD. My place is Bodinayakkanur and time is 12: 10 am. I have realised my interest in public service now. But sometimes I find fear blocking my preparation for my exams.

    1. Dear bharathijaya,
      Saturn is definitely the most important planet for you to master.
      You have two very tight stelliums in Capricorn-Aquarius, both are ruled by Saturn.
      I can understand why you may feel that nurturing and caring for others is something you must do. Whatever you choose to do would have some relation to a humanitarian cause, groups, technology/science and the collective.
      Now let’s look at the WHOLE chart to see what career is best for YOU.

      Saturn-Sun are conjunct your IC- I imagine you had either an important or charismatic parent/s or a very strict upbringing. You Asc ruler Pluto is in the first house and squaring the 4th house of your early roots/unconscious drives. The rulers of your 4th house are in a tight stellium in the 3rd house (if birth time is correct) so some unusual and very erratic communication and expectations in the family and early school-life. Have you had struggles with parents or teachers growing up? Did they think you need to be “changed”?
      On the one hand, you grew up with high expectations placed upon your shoulders and in some ways someone was very smart, powerful and capable of having influence over your mind in childhood. On the other hand, making and achieving real goals and career can seem confusing and at odds with what you truly seek- independence, self-sufficiency, control over your own life choices and path.

      Was your choice of PhD and studies your own? Did you follow in the path of someone else who already did it?
      This can be an actual father, relative or even a relative from generations ago.
      What I am asking is if that choice of study was truly what you wanted or what you were expected to follow.

      Pluto in first house in square to your MC ruler suggests that situations where an authority can judge your performance (like a boss or even peers) can end up unfair to you. It also suggests you do have a lot of personal power, talent and ability and people see it and test you. You have the power to create change in other people and in society if you are fair and honorable (Leo). You have to protect your reputation and make sure it is good.

      Jupiter in 11th house-Uranus-Neptune- suggests you have high morals, spiritual leanings and are very kind and helpful to other people (Virgo- service). You are attracted to groups, causes, charity and helping others. Jupiter shows how we get blessed in life and in your case, whenever you do some kind service to others you have good things happen in your life. I think self-sufficiency is something close to your heart and something you would like other people to have. When you help other people stand on their two feet you are helping yourself heal.
      Because there is a lot of tension and difficulties in the chart- the way out is that beautiful Jupiter. On the whole I do think following that path of service and idealism would help you feel less stressed and tense.

      I would encourage you to surround yourself with people who are more like Jupiter (but still hard working and responsible like Virgo) and less people that are like Saturn.
      People who are: Open minded, warm hearted, generous, humorous, adventurous and most importantly on the same or lower level to you socially NOT authority figures. If they are an authority like a boss, they should not act like it and allow you the space to be yourself.
      You would do well becoming an authority and leader instead (one day).

      I hope this is somewhat helpful- of course there is a lot more in the chart.


  4. Thanks a lot for your reply regarding my career Lee. I have always had struggles with teachers growing up. After doing my bachelor degree I wanted to study for public service examinations. But like you have pointed out in your reading I got influenced by a teacher and decided to do my master degree. During masters I got a scholarship to do PhD. Now when I reflect I realise my herd mentality and how I got influenced by people around me. All along I forgot to understand what I really want in life. During PhD a dear friend of mine gave me confidence and courage to pursue what I really desire. Because there was lot of resistance within me towards submitting my PhD. I had stopped studying and was going through a non – progressive phase in life. Thanks a lot for your reading and suggestions Lee. They are very helpful and mean a lot to me.

    1. You are very welcome. I do wish i had the full time to give you an in depth reading but like you said: The most important thing is to not give up and continue.

  5. Hi Lee,
    Hope u r doing good. Your answer to my question regarding career was really helpful to me . Thank you. Do cancerians get affected by full moon and new moon ? My mom is a cancer Sun person. Her health deteriorates during full moon and new moon like headache and body pain. Will it help to wear moon stone ?

    1. No sign gets more or less effected by a full Moon but some people are born on a full Moon.
      If your mom has a 180 degree opposition between her Sun and Moon that would have some effect. For health I would look at her 6th house and ASC rulers.

  6. Your articles really helps me. I haven’t seen such a specific review on this uranus conjunct venus interaction anywhere else. by the way i didn’t find moon conjunct uranus in your page. I would be glad if you write an article about this too. Mine uranus conjunct with my girlfriend’s venus and moon. I’d like to get your opinion on this interaction. I fell in love her at first sight but i dont understand her feelings maybe it’s because she is Aquarius :). I would like to say thank you again, you are writing very useful articles.

    1. Thank you for reading and your feedback.
      I will eventually write a whole Synastry series including Uranus aspects. I could write about Astrology all day! So I’m always happy with particular requests.
      In short, I can say Uranus does create “love at first sight” and a sense of openness between people. Your Uranus is making it impossible for her to hide and probably adds an element of excitement, energy and a sense of allure to her self-esteem.
      There could be many other indicators in the chart between you and your girlfriend that could also show this or effect the dynamic.

      1. Yeah true, i enjoy reading astrology writings, it is interesting and consistent. you can have a lot of information about yourself and your partner. but I am not knowledgeable enough i only read on application, sites etc :)). Thank you for answer. As far as I understand from what I have read, we have a good interaction with her. lots of good aspect and of course bad aspects :). If you start looking at personal synastry maps in the future, I would like to get your opinion. I follow your writings with pleasure. Have a nice day.

  7. I love this website! I just recently came across with it. I guess my question goes like this:
    Met someone that I really want to get to know, but he’s pushing me away, quite significantly. He has a stellium in house 8th sagittarius aries rising, sun conjunct saturn, mercury retrograde, venus in scorpio in 8th, and south node conjuct pluto 7th. I’m aquarius, rising sign taurus. I guess my main question is, even we have my pluto conjuct his venus, but he doesnt feel like giving in to me. We finally had sex, but, omg, he just pushes away so much! Any insight as to why he is that way? wouldnt his venus conjuct my pluto in 7th make us more attracted? Our composite has also a LOT of chiron connections too..

    1. Dear Maria,
      It would be wrong to even attempt to answer your question astrologically without seeing the natal charts of all involved.
      Personally, I believe we all deserve a partner who doesn’t push us away. It also sounds like you are taking the role of “winning him.”
      In general, I can say that Sagittarius dominant people although very attracted to Pluto contacts would also pull away from it because they may feel it is a threat to their sense of freedom.

  8. I recently started to study astrology and I found this blog is so accurate. I am a Japanese, Virgo Sun in 12th house. Just wondering, can I interpret into Japanese on my blog for my study and Japanese people?

      1. Thank you for your kind words!!
        I just want to avoid any dispute, what i meant is republish your blog article in Japanese. I hope you allow if not i won’t. thank you!

      2. Dear Kana, Yes you can translate the article. I’m honored to have it in Japanese. I only ask you please link to the original blog and credit. Thank you.

  9. Hi Lee, thanks for all your insightful articles. They provide lot of clarity. I am curious about Mars – IC connections in synastry between me and somebody I like. I have mercury(closer to ic), Saturn and sun in aquarius, my 4th house. His planets (Mars – venus – Saturn conjunction) fall into my fourth house. His pisces sun is in my fifth house conjunct my vertex. His Mars is closer to my mercury on my ic. Does it indicate a troubled relationship?

    1. Thank you for reading. There could be other indicators of a troubled relationship. The IC/4th house connection would depend on how good you feel about your home and roots. Mars-IC can feel like something fated has been activated and you can’t run away from this person. There might be a strong need to belong to one another- even if there is no real compatibility. Some people feel they want to cohabit and live with the person.
      His Sun in your 5th house would make you feel he can see you and validate that you are unique. Hard aspects to your Sun can give a different feeling.
      In general IC contacts can feel troubling if we have some wound/pain around our own need to feel at home.

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply and your time Lee. It feels a very strong connection inspite of many differences. Your reply made me think in a different aspect regarding this bond. I have one more doubt regarding 12th house ruler. My 12th house is Libra, its ruler Venus is in Capricorn conjunct my north node in 3rd house. Venus is also conjunct Uranus-neptune-mars, all in my 3rd house. I was wondering how my venus is supposed to be expressed. I am very interested in learning dance though. There are very few articles on 12th house lord conjunct north node. I am curious to know about this aspect.

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