Mars square Pluto in the natal chart

If you have this aspect in your natal chart you are a naturally incredibly tenacious. This aspect like many Pluto aspects is not something other people notice at first glance about you. It is a force that you keep close to your heart and like a magical ace you present it when something triggers you to take action.

Your energy comes from the depths of your physical core and seems to rely on an infinite potential for survival. It can often seem even to you that you do not know where this energy comes from.

Growing up taking any form of assertive action could feel frightening because it awoke some basic animalistic instinct in your heart which you felt was not appropriate or even embarrassing. You have found you are best able to assert yourself with vigor and passion when times are hard. Pushing yourself to the limit is often the only way to access this volcano of passion that is beyond your control.

 It is very likely you direct this energy into some form of sport or into your work. If you aren’t directing it to achieve something in the world you would often find yourself in conflict with other people who want to dominate and cage you in a spiritual prison so that you can’t escape and create chaos. You would resist with all your’ might when anyone tries and take away your right to exercise your full strength and ambition.

Ambition is something you are naturally very prone too. You are motivated by the potential to better yourself and gain some form of control over your life. You are not soft hearted and often would step on your own vulnerable parts just to get to the top. The tricky thing with this aspect is that once it ignites in a fire like a huge metal machine it is very hard to calm it down. The reason this is tricky is that other parts of your personality might not be ready to go to war just yet.

You may find yourself often in a state of inner conflict that prevents you from moving forward and achieving anything at all. This comes down to a pretty simple state of fear of what you might create if you go forward. You are not afraid of other people but sometimes you are afraid of yourself and what you are capable of. You might find passion, ambition and drive something you dislike in other people because you reject that part of yourself. It is very important for you to learn what your limits are so that you don’t burn out and end up hurting yourself or someone else.

Children with this aspect do best when they are kept active and allowed to make mistakes. They are the type of child to break a watch to see its machinations and get angry when they find it broken. Pluto likes to destroy in order to understand how something works and Mars like to create new life. If you think about this combination you can realize this aspect suggests these people have an inner drive for life in all forms. They enjoy blood pumping through their veins, sun on their burned skin in summer, the pain of the freezing cold on top of a mountain and the afterglow of endorphins born from pain and strain. They are incredibly good at self-control and have a high tolerance for stress that seems to be based on some inner conviction that they can do anything.

The paradox is that if no situations in their life allow them to exercise their will-power or spiritual muscles they will create the situations in an artificial manner. If life becomes too easy and there is nothing to fight for they would become their own worst enemies. They would try and punish themselves and would feel as if they are controlled by some impulse that is almost evil in its deliciousness. I want to point out this is what happens when you reject Pluto and become the slave of your Mars.

There is nothing wrong or evil about your instincts and impulses but have enough responsibility to take time and learn where and how to express them. You want to create but sometimes you destroy. The opposite is also very true! You often create something powerfully evocative in the psyche of other people. You can inspire others to lean on their instincts and strength and survive anything. It is when you are using your instincts to save life that you become free from the slavery of your own fire.

Saving life doesn’t always mean being a firefighter or surgeon although in many cases that is a popular field for you to end up in. Saving life can mean saving the fire in other people’s hearts. You can’t stand seeing other people become so weak as to stop fighting for their power. You can become an example and activist of living life without apologizes. You can lift the spirit of those who think they have been defeated and that is a wonderful gift.

My advice to you would be to try and write down situations where you felt out of control or that your actions were destructive. Take time to really find a pattern of what is a trigger for you. These situations actually hold the key to your hidden energy. After you figure out what these situations are you would be better prepared for battle. If you feel like you are being eaten alive by an invisible fire it is a good idea to find balance through physical activity. I always suggest to keep your ambitiousness to yourself and just work behind the scenes. This aspect works best when kept safely out of the judgment of others. Unlike the opposition what you have is a battery with infinite potential that is volatile if not directed into something constructively destructive.

Destruction is part of nature and the cycle of life. Life is often born out of the ashes of what came before it. You can reinvent that angry, sullen and chaotic individual that once was yourself and become a creator with a shield of diamond strong will-power. You can also fall from grace when you fall into the trap of thinking humans are just animals. The spiritual side of Pluto wants to elevate the flesh into spirit. The instinctive and raw appetite you have for life, movement, sex, love, work and power can be crystalized into something more nuanced and gentle. The inner protector within you is just waiting to be reborn. It is waiting to wear its past mistakes as dirty metal armor while inside its chest would burn a gentle pure fire of intense protectiveness for all that has a beating heart.

19 thoughts on “Mars square Pluto in the natal chart”

  1. The pure power and grace in the depth of these words… just like Pluto square Mars. Thank you for shining a light on parts of me I’d not known to appreciate. Incredible. Thank you.

    1. You are very kind. Let us know what house Pluto/Mars are located in. I would like to add that Pluto and Mars are planets that are very similiar and actually work well together.

      1. Hey,
        This is by far the best article I’ve found about Mars-Square Pluto. It’s THE square in my chart and so much pain. Although Im not sure, as you said, that the can work well together, also if Pluto is in Scorpio and in the 8th House and Mars is In Aquarius and the 12th house? Could you bring me some light in here please?
        Thank you so much for your kind help.

      2. Thank you for leaving a comment and reading.
        You Mars-Pluto folk are very passionate. It is a lovely energy.
        It is best to look at your natal chart as a whole. Mars in Aquarius tends to care more about friends and see them as family. I would take a look at Uranus to see how your Mars plays out. Generally speaking, in the 12th house and square Pluto there can be a sense of being very misunderstood by people. your actions can come from an unconscious place so it is important to try and understand what motivates you.

      1. Hi Lee, it worked now and I paid via paypal for a reading, but didn’t receive a confirmation or similar from your page… Now sent you an e-mail. Hope it makes it through and to read from you soon. I so look forward ! Thanks

  2. Thank you!! I have mars square pluto and this makes so much sense. Pluto libra 6th house and mars capricorn 10th house😊

  3. That is a great article and a great website, thank you for putting this great work out! This article enlightened me so much. I have Leo mars in 10th house and pluto in my first house in scorpio and it also conjuncts to jupiter in scorpio. My mars squares both 1 degree orb and I am in a constant battle with myself, it is so painful. I have so much ambition in life, but I am also in pain to move on. So much fear and control issues. Maybe having this square on cardinal houses makes it extra difficult. What do you think? Thanks

    1. Thank you so much for reading!
      Yes, it sounds like a very energetic aspect that needs outlet. I think generally speaking there can be a fear of your own power with such aspects. This is kind of like a large giant that learned that just moving their limbs can break down a village. They stop moving in fear of the result.
      Are you at all interested in sports?

  4. This was super well written! I like a lot of articles on this website, a lot more personal and far less generic than most websites. It really resonated with me on a lot of levels, also gives helpful suggestions and advice which is really nice. I made notes, since this is something that seems to be a big obstacle towards taking action in my life when not properly guided and understood, but could be well of motivation and passionate energy, if properly channelled. And this helps so much! I really liked reading it. (:
    Now I wonder if I could ask for some advice – since I have Mars in retrograde in my natal, in Virgo in 8th (square Pluto in Scorpio in 10th) and I really wonder how the retrograde plays out it, since it could change the expression of the square, right? Turns the Mars energy inwards from what I’ve understood, and the 8th house retrograde in Mars seems kinda strange (even if 8th house seems to be THE vague house anyway). Any suggestions or feedback would be really helpful in my self development research! Thnx ahead for reading this long ass response. (: (Mercury is in Aquarius, in case you need to know, and Saturn is my chart ruler, hehe)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope to write and create much more content in the future! So stay tuned 🙂
      Mercury in Aquarius AND Virgo mars? Not to flatter you but that is a genius combination for certain intellectual work. You are the person we want to solve a mystery.
      Regarding your question: Mars retrograde in Virgo 8th house makes me think of bottling up feelings, perfectionism and a need for something to strive for. I would encourage you to look at your 2nd house and Neptune to seek outlets for this very volcanic energy. Mars can also relate to what gets you motivated and career. Therefore, research, fixing a crisis or digging into other people’s problems is also a good direction. In a square to your Pluto in 10th we can also imagine some political and social stuff happening that to put it bluntly- will piss you off. Mars can do well in the 8th house because mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and they go well together in directing energy towards hard work.
      Is the 8th house vague or is it simply what human nature would rather hide? Forgive my Mercury in Taurus but to simplify both Mars in the 8th house and Pluto in 10th house are about fear. The idea is that fear can motivate us to transform the way things are because we want to take control and feel safe. Mars can use energy to do the biding of Pluto in the 10th house (Mars is like the baby version of Pluto). Mars in retrograde it means you will be using your own worry, anxiety, fear, nervous energy, lack of satisfaction to propel you forward like a race car.
      (This is great but for many people the Mars and Pluto can become what they simply want to avoid all-together. It is one of those cases where the fear of pain is greater than the actual pain. )

  5. O wow… Thank you! (Mars Gemini 7th house and Pluto Virgo 8th House) this probably explains the turmoil and agitation I can feel inside me. I have great insights (about living here and now; recognize the ego work; try to stay connected); but despite of all the knowledge i have gathered, I am not always able to steer this energy away from self-pain nor can I let go once my trauma is re-activated. And yes than I can be very upset, for quiet a long time.
    I hope for the further to be able to use this energy more in connection with my true soul instead of escalating or focussing on the ego/trauma; I hope to be able to recognize this power, accept it and use it in a more benificial way. If only Mars and Pluto in me would be able to dance more with each other instead of inflicting conflict in me and stress….

  6. My goodness. You’ve managed to articulate the energy felt behind this placement with such understanding.

    “…blood pumping through their veins, sun on their burned skin in summer, the pain of freezing cold on top of a mountain and the afterglow of endorphins born from pain and strain.”

    You can’t dull this placement. I haven’t been able to. It’s useful if you’re directing it, as you’ve said. I’ve tried to be a bit more like the pleasant, sensitive personalities I admired as a child, but I’ve learned it is easier to simply accept this aggressive nature and let it be. 🙂 I have Moon in Cancer, Moon trine Venus, and other soft placements, but I also have a lot of aspects to my Mars, one of which being Mars square Jupiter.

  7. This is an incredible explanation of this natal aspect. Wow! I felt known and understood.
    My Mars (conjunct Vesta) is in 7H of Sagittarius, squaring the Pluto/Uranus/Ceres conjunction (1967) in 5H of Virgo.
    I’m still processing this article and how it exposes primal parts of myself.

  8. What about Mars + Venus conjunct in Gemini, both squaring Pluto? Is it softer energy as Venus is involved in the aspect?
    I’m not sure about the houses as birth time is missing, but I assume Venus+Mars should be in the third house and Pluto in the sixth.
    This is the main theme of the chart because orbs are very tight.

    1. First, the Mars-Venus conjunction would be taken into account, next the square to Pluto and finally the position of Mercury would be very important because it rules both Mars-Venus and the 3rd house. Mercury would show what Venus and Mars want and desire and how the person expresses that passion.

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