What I Believe

I would like to make a short statement about what I believe in.

There are countless approaches to Astrology out there and many wonderful Astrologers.

You know Astrologers: professional Astrologers, predictive Astrologers, Jungian Astrologers, bad Astrologers, expensive Astrologers,  funny Astrologers, evolutional Astrologers…And the list goes on.

I think they are all wrong- Astrology is simple. It doesnt need another title or an explanation. It doesnt need anything but the fact that there YOU are here: Standing at a cross-roads and wondering where to go next…

It is about YOU knowing deep inside that there is so much more within that you never got to talk about, expreince or express.

Perhaps it is time you did?

But what it all comes down to is that:  I believe Astrology is foremost an amazing tool for self-development. “Knowledge is power” they say? Well, when it comes to knowing who you are…It is.

Is that a simple process? No. Does it take hard work? Yes.

I fell in love with Astrology and every time I learn more and experience more how it helps people- I am amazed. The trick is knowing it is not magic, psychic powers or some theory that allows it to be so. It works because you are doing the work- finding out more about how to become the best you can be and overcoming pain and obstacles.

Astrology allows us to talk about love, fear, happiness, death and the human experience. It is up to you where you want to take it. How ready or not you are to use this to learn more about yourself.

Astrology allows you to accept yourself fully and to change.

You define where you want to go.



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