Planet Key Words

Sun: Your sense of life, your confidence, your power, your father, your true self and ability to shine.

Moon: Your inner world, your soul, your emotional reactions, your nourishment, your inner sense of home and safety.

Mercury: How you express yourself, how you speak, how you sing, how you move through the world and what you find interesting.

Venus: What you value, what you find beautiful, what makes you love and feel loved, your style and how you dress.

Mars: How you take action, how you move, how you anger and react, how you have sex.

Saturn: Your teacher, your lesson, your prize, your growing up journey.

Jupiter: Your religion, your  duty, your beliefs, your journey towards a future.

Neptune: Your dreams, your ideals, your madness, and your intutive creativity.

Uranus: Your collective values, your conservative preacher, your crazy genius and inner outsider.

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