My Readings

Hiatus of full readings for now. I am looking forward to offering more in depth readings of different types.

Thank you for being patient and wishing to reconnect with many of you soon!

Your general Astrology questions are always welcome. I am looking forward to coming back and offering my full attention to in-depth and diverse readings in the future. 

Yes, I do my own readings with a twist.

Get your reading today. Include your correct birth details and any background information related to your question or current concerns.

Fill the form when you purchase a reading.

Disclaimer All my readings are psychological and focused on change and growth. I do not do predictions, transit or progression readings of any kind. If you want to work with me please include any relevant information about your concerns and current situation. All readings offer individual insight on personal issues and your well being as seen in your natal chart.

**Please make sure your birth data and time of birth is correct before purchase.** All readings take up to 7 business days from purchase to complete***

5 thoughts on “My Readings”

  1. I discovered this website while looking for Pluto informations. The accuracy of the situations and feelings described and attributed to my natal aspects left me seen and understood. Also able to fight my demons, since now I can identify them.
    I’m curious so I purchased a Pluto reading. Best 22$ spent. The PlutoProphet went above and beyond, covered so many themes, gave me tips about my professional and love life, psychological insight, taught me about me but also confirmed my intuition.
    I’m so happy about my reading That I ordered a Venus reading ! I can’t wait for a natal chart reading once it would be available.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Such, such amazing readings!! I am so grateful I found this page.
    I purchased both the Pluto reading & the Venus, and I’m so happy I did.
    Both were incredibly accurate, thorough and thoughtful. You will gain deep insight and also feel extremely validated about what you already know to be true. Can’t recommend enough!

  3. As the venus aspect blog spoke to me, I decided to go in for a reading. I am so very happy that I did! The reading was uncannily accurate, gave me much to think about and also very practical guidance. It was detailed and yet not overwhelming. I am forever grateful that I found plutoprophet, and indeed have now asked for the pluto reading.

    I feel that the the stars smiled and I found this sage!

  4. ThePlutoProphet has a cosmic gift unlike any I have ever encountered.

    I am a tarot reader and astrologer as well. Sometimes its refreshing to find new descriptions of information I technically already understand; i love to look into other peoples interpretations to see how it compares or possibly adds to the way I see certain alignments. I stumbled across this site and was quickly taken by the penetrative, unique, and beautiful analyses of varying aspects/positions in the sky in ones birth chart. So, the second I saw that they offered chart readings I immediately bought a Pluto one. As the review above this says, best $22 I’ve ever spent.

    Lee has the capacity of painting the most ornate and honest pictures of who and what you are. I was given a kind of clarity into the depths of my being that was so incredibly validating and warm, no matter how hard the truth. I appreciate Lee’s ability to understand our alignments are fixed at our moment of birth but the sky continues to move, and so can you with what you’ve been given, or in my belief, your soul has chosen. The sentences Lee weaves onto those documents for you is filled with so much charm, kindness, empathy and real love. You can feel Lee’s heart beating through the words, helping you in ways you don’t even know you needed. I highly recommend that when possible ordering both Pluto and Venus options. Although they respectively have themes, Lee understands the symbiotic relationships of the cosmos and touches beyond those bounds. I love that these readings aren’t just analyses, Lee also offers guidance, possible solutions, and what to be wary of so that you don’t just walk away with an intricate reflection of yourself, but most importantly who you could come to be.

    If it isn’t already so obvious, I absolutely adore these readings and immediately recommended them to many of my friends who were equally as moved. Take all the rest you need, but please never stop sharing your gift with the world. ❤

    1. I am speechless Charlie. Thank you for your very kind, raw and generous words. You have no idea how meaningful and powerful they are. ♡
      They do say people see in the world a reflection of themselves…So your words and wishes speak volumes of your spirit.
      I am deeply grateful Astrology has brought me in touch with you and others. It is truly magical and I don’t take it for granted.
      With deep gratitude and joy

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