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Venus in Capricorn: Bad taste

It has been a surprising discovery but one I am very sure of. Venus in Capricorn results in some very bad  aesthetic preferences. What is Venus in Capricorn? It is all the blond wigs,fake nails,skimpy clothes and slutty looks, overflowing with vulgarity at its best. And yet this is a good placement in a chart that does promise success in artistic fields  and in career in general.

Maybe this explains why how biggest stars in music look a little vulgar. But joking aside,this is indeed a very interesting phenomenon. What is happening here? My theory is that Venus as the planet of values is overworked by the workaholic Capricorn. The result is a striving for beauty that is completely superficial and exaggerated. The Capricorn wants a good result-he invests in what society considers beautiful but without looking to see the reasons behind it. This investment can look almost clown like as a result. Its not that it is unattractive-in fact this individuals are naturally beautiful!

They make themselves ugly but they can not see it! Venus is clouded by the judgment of Capricorn and it can not always measure beauty. Unlike the Libra or Taurus: this placement results in a complete unbalanced view of beauty and proportion. In taking all that society at a given moment considers stylish,sexy,popular but without matching it to any value of substance. This is the definition of vulgarity. To make matters worse-the Capricorn is a sign of the past-the conventions long gone. So this is the girl that still thinks that the Pamela Anderson look is in style.

In man this placement results in them liking that look I just described-they like woman that look “cheap” (think the movie Pretty Woman). In woman a lack of taste is strong-and yet they mange to be sexy to most. For this placement doesn’t lack confidence in love and in their own attractiveness…perhaps sadly so.

The real problem is in the fact that at heart this individuals are very conservative-not as they appear. And so they attract the wrong kind of attention and relationship and even abuse. The man don’t understand why they end up with woman that don’t want to marry then or be loyal. The woman don’t know why they are not taken seriously and why they attract the wrong people. Sexually speaking this sign tends to adopt all the dirt and scary aspect of sex. But they don’t enjoy it-they only play the part. I don’t mean to say they are sexually intense like the Scorpio or even Aries. Rather they play a part they think others  would like: But what the majority likes happens to be bad taste.

Famous Examples: Females take on the appearance male- take the females to the aisle

Lolo Ferrari

Venis in Capricorn
Miley cyrus – Venus in Capricorn with Scorpio moon

Britney spears