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Sweater Weather- Venus conjunct Moon in Synastry

This is a powerful bonding aspect between two people. The inner comforts and needs of one person meet the loving nature of another in a warm and familiar embrace. A sense of familiarity even with other big differences between the people is underling their nonverbal interactions. The attachment styles of both people would be put on full volume like a soundtrack of a musical in full swing.

The way I would describe it is like the feeling you get when you step into a room or a store and your favorite childhood song is playing quietly in the background. It could be a song you know well and don’t like anymore. The Moon and Venus in everyone charts are not perfect and often have hard aspects from other planets. Nevertheless, a sense of something you know and recognize would seep into your skin around each other. If other aspects suggest attraction and good communication this meeting of Moon-Venus would feel like the most nurturing, warm and caring dynamic that would make you two feel like family or long lost relatives.

In this dynamic the Moon person is most likely to be a little more apprehensive or even unsure about all this warm affection coming from the Venus person. The Venus person would feel protective of the feelings and comfort of the Moon person and would shower them with anything they desire. The love language of the Venus person is going to awaken in the presence of the Moon person. In any shared space the hidden needs of the Moon person would tigger a reaction of affection in the Venus person. An Earth Venus would want to give material comforts while an Air Venus would perhaps offer support and conversation. This aspect is amazing at teaching both people how to show care and love in ways that are very vulnerable and simple.

The Moon and Venus are the feminine part of the psyche and therefore they are both very open to receiving. The inner world of the Moon person is going to melt into the Venus person’s sense of lovability. If the Moon person feels on edge or closed off it can really make the Venus person feel like how they love is not enough. In turn if the Moon person feels like the Venus person is holding back from their affection it can make them feel like a lonely lost child. These two people need one another and it is best they admit it. This aspect awakens all our sensitive desires to be accepted and found beautiful. We want to know the other person can accept our passive parts and respond with kindness.

This aspect is most useful for people who live together or share an artistic hobby. In the case of the former, the way the Venus person shows love during routine daily interactions is going to be very soothing and nurturing to the Moon person and the way the Moon person reacts on instinct to the show of affection from the Venus person is going to be very validating to the Venus person.

In fact, thus dynamic of back and forth can be almost addictive and very tempting to escape into even when real problems need solving. The warm endless pit of the inner embrace between the two lovers can at times be a distraction from important conflicts. It is addictive in the same way a baby can’t let go of this mother or let her ever leave. The attachment if focused on gratification in Venus or Moon form. If the attachment style of either individual is unhealthy it can easily become more like a toxic bond. Yet even in those difficult cases where the Venus-Moon becomes a selfish dynamic of passive taking from the partner a sense of real understanding and empathy allows to overcome and take a breath before suffocation and entanglement engulf the partners in an embrace of pink rosy death.

The attachment is close and sometimes too close for comfort. Space is needed to regenerate the sweetness of the first meetings. Another even better option to balance the sugary touch of Venus-Moon is finding a mutual point of affection for some artistic form of expression. These people can do amazing working on an artistic or creative project where their emotions are not an embarrassing cliché. After all, at times the couple can feel or appear a little too close for comfort. They hold a strange power over each other that is not something that can be articulated in words. They both can give what the other wants but also hurt each other deeply if the old wound of abandonment is triggered.

They could probably do so well when combining their energy to nurture and shower beauty on others. Cooking together, designing the home, choosing outfits to wear, having guests over for cake, cuddling in warm blankets in the cold of winter are all Moon-Venus domains.

The Venus person would always gladly take their jacket off their back and cover the pale shoulders of the Moon person. The Moon person would look up with adoring shiny eyes and the Venus person would lean in and kiss their fluttering eyelashes.

Metaphorically of course.