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Putin? An astrological speculation 

I will not talk about the horrible war and tremendous suffering many are going through as you read my words. If you can help anyone in any way, do. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Today, I will briefly note what I find crucial about Putin’s natal chart and current state of mind. For the sake of my own objectivity, I will call him “the person.” Skip to the last part of my conclusions if you wish.

1. Gemini Moon uninspected in the 8th house with ruler Mercury in the 12th house conjunct Neptune.

This position suggests that the emotions are very detached and impersonal. The Moon makes no aspect to other planets but it is still a very forceful 8th house Moon. Using words (Gemini) to achieve power (8th house) comes very naturally. The lack of aspects to the Moon and the strong Neptune influence suggests the person can turn his emotions off, so they don’t impact his reasoning. The irony is that instead of feelings, his mind is very influenced by Neptune. This means that he can believe anything he decides to be true. It is not a matter of lying but a matter of fully immersing his mind in a vision. The 12th house rules secrets and hidden enemies and so his mind may be constantly worried about future possibilities of being taken over from behind the scenes. It also goes without saying there is idealism here but it is skewed strongly by Uranus in Cancer in the 9th house. Uranus values technology and reason above familiar bond. It is an idea of brotherhood that is based on ideology and not emotional ties.

2. Mercury square Uranus in the 9th house with a Jupiter in Taurus

What type of idealism? Cancer is the sign of patriotism and the motherland and the 9th house is all about better horizons but also teaching and faraway lands. The person sees himself as “the father” of the land and its teacher. There is also a desire to be seen as different or even a maverick. There is no fear of being seen as an outsider and in fact, the more people see him as such the harder he will try to impose his vision. That is not to say that in earlier life, there was no such fear or pain around having a vision that seems very far off from reality and people’s daily concerns. There is no personal pleasure in things like food or luxuries beyond them being useful images that signify belonging to a long tradition of rulership (kings and emperors). The image of a ‘protector’ or knight in shining armor is what the person projects and is famous for (12th house of fame). He does not want to be seen as an aggressor but as someone who is accepted by his people as part of a large family (Cancer). However, the true desire is to shift the rules and status quo for the sake of a vision that can be very far off anything reasonable or regular BUT with a superficial image of returning to tradition. This means that even though this person may present a return to tradition or the past when he talks about his goals his true vision is that of a future never before created or seen (Uranus in 9th). 

Jupiter ruler of the 9th house is in taurus so again the need to be seen as a benefactor and someone who sticks to tradition and the way things were. There is a desire to rule the mob through nostalgic images and the past but in order to create a futuristic society that is actually devoid of any traditional values. He values what can be produced and measured alone. This value of production (Cancer/Taurus) it wrapped in a very sentimental image that is projected towards society. The mind is also open to eruptions of visions of grandeur that are fleeting and hard to grasp. The danger here of course is that the person cannot separate personal moods from those visions because he believes himself to be completely emotionally detached. He may find other people to be too needy and emotional and find them irrational and devoid of rational detachment and vision. 

3. Venus in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in 7th house

The persona is actually ruled by Pluto and Mars and there is a need to define the Self via the ability to have power and even be feared by others. This person cares little about being liked but a lot about being respected. Mars is in Sagittarius so it also rules his Uranus and relates to personal self-perception. He sees himself as a risk-taker, adventurer and conqueror of knowledge and lands. This position indicates sports, horses and martial arts which his personal hobbies reflect. Pluto, meanwhile is conjunct the MC in Leo and his entire public persona is that of a fighter, strategist, secret weaver of information and dominant figure. The Sun in Libra in the 11th house suggests that there is a great desire to think of humanity in terms of groups and not individuals. He sees himself as the voice of the group. The “group” he feels most connected to his people who are unafraid to scheme and use skills to acquire power (his friends) but he likes them only if they are constantly in survival mode (Scorpio). The danger here is that he will want a society of warriors (who are not “weak” according to his view) who are not individualistic and are fighting to survive. A society that is economically strong and fertile where people just enjoy themselves (Taurus) will be appealing only during certain periods. Still, it will always swing back to the vision of a warrior- brotherhood-group that is progressing towards an indepndeant (isolated) society that is very powerful and feared by others. 

  1. Jupiter in Taurus in the 7th house as shadow

The 7th house represents other people, Taurus represents ownership and the 9th house shows faraway lands. Jupiter rules his 9th house and ideology and vision of the best future. 

This person sees other lands as already belonging to him because they are part of his shadow or 7th house. He cannot separate what others own from his own vision. There is no concept of “this is mine, but this is someone else’s.” He owns what fits his vision and by thinking it alone believes it to already be his and part of his possession. This is interesting because it suggests that action comes only when what he believes to belong to him rejects his advances to touch, take and hold (Taurus) a desire to own comes from the shadow. This is tricky because the more I look at this chart the less I see “lies” and the more I see self-conviction which is indeed very fixed in the Taurus-Scorpio axis. Very hard to move away from and perhaps more dangerous. 

Conclusions and current state of mind 

What is happening is that personal visions are projected towards the entire Russian people and world. This is happening because Jupiter in Pisces is magnifying Putin’s 12th house and his Venus in Scorpio. The opposition aspect always swings between two extremes. He turned from wanting to rule a country that is part of a world-brotherhood of economic prosperity (Jupiter in Taurus and his strong 11th house/Uranus influence will want progress and prosperity) towards his Venus in Scorpio opposing his 7th house. He now has a vision of an outsider country that is feared by others. Jupiter has always related to war because it expands personal tendencies and makes them BIGGER.

So…Nothing changed in terms of his personal views they just became amplified and more obvious to others in the world. The 12th house is usually kept hidden in secret but current Jupiter places the spotlight on the secrets that were always there in the natal chart. The hidden personal vision for the world his coming to light. Jupiter is also going through his 4th house, so expansion of land and resources once again is indicated. 

The light at the end of the tunnel is that once a person succumbs so fully to his Jupiter/Neptune vision he isn’t calling the shots alone. The collective society is part of the game and very influential because Pisces is not about individuals but a group of people gathering together. Remember that the positive side of Jupiter/Neptune is altruism and charity. The shadow side of a dark vision is people waking up and wanting to give and help in reaction. Jupiter in Pisces is influencing everyone! The darkness and light are both amplified on a social group level. 

I also want to note Saturn is on his IC and Uranus will eventually square the MC so there will be trouble around those areas. This means trouble of being limited in his public persona and his social status and image. This is already taking place. The real troubles all will go via the Moon which impacts Mercury which yes, very erratic behavior, thoughts, moods, repression of personal emotions to the point of imbalance of energy and the nervous system right now is impacted. I don’t want to make predictions here but as the fourth house will be even more highlighted soon, the possibility is that changes will come via the 12th house (behind the scenes) and the natal hard square of Uranus. Uranus is ruled by Cancer (the Moon) so his greatest opposition is the patriotism of those he wants to conquer BUT also the family ties of those he rules. There will be great impact of the pressures of the family on the figures that do his bidding…

The strongest reason for all this is the expansive nature of Jupiter and Neptune and the repressed Moon via the IC aspects. This person has been alone and perhaps someone he cared about has left or gone away overseas.