What is your life mission?

The best thing about Astrology for me is seeing some deep truths materialize. Fundamental truths about who we are and why we are here. At the end of the day, each and every person on this planet right now has a mission to fulfill. This is not some grand worldly mission (although it can be) but it is something only you can achieve. What I mean by that is that every life influences the balance of things, this is true in both very general ways- you being alive at a particular time and place has an effect on the world. You don’t need to DO anything for this effect to take place other than being born. On another level, this effect is achieved because you are here to DO something. This is the reason behind so much suffering we have in our lives.

Essentially if you resist what you came here to be and do- you are creating that suffering. In itself it is a painful process and we all must go through it. The pitfalls of life, the ups and downs and moments of pain we all have. In retrospect none of this is there to make you hurt but it is there to push you back in the right direction of your being.

I don’t want to simplify, but this is one general rule of living: You must follow your personal path of transformation. This path is completely your own- and no one can tell you how to walk it. At the same time you are far from alone. And you can learn from experiences other people had. Many of these are collective lessons- things we all go through and you can start with that. Eventually, you will have to face questions in your mind and heart about what YOU need to do. This is moment of no return because once you realize you can’t just walk blindly you start searching.

And again, for each of us it is sometimes an opposite path. For many will have to learn to open themselves to life- to flow with where it takes them and to be open to new choices and directions. For many others, it is more about focusing inwards and learning to listen to that inner truth even if it makes them a rebel to society.

The fundamental truth is only that there exists such a path and it must be discovered. There is no other dogma to listen too. Why?

Because no one’s path can be immoral or evil.  Does that scare you? It should comfort you to know that any truth mission lived fully can never hurt or wrong another person or the world- only benefit it.

If a person is creating pain for themselves or the world- they are not on their path mission. Of course, sometimes it is hard for us to judge such a thing. This is where it gets tricky, but for the most part if is easy to see that a person following their mission in life creates only more happiness, vitality and life in this world.

Astrology is one tool to help you start looking into what that mission is. It is a tool but the real answers will be discovered only through living. Through experiencing life and making choices that align with you true path of being.

So start today and see what it’s like to be at peace but also live fully: experiencing all aspects and possibilities of life, all colors and tones of who you are must come out. Stop sleeping through, hoping for things that it is up for you to change. It is truly time to walk your path.

Nowhere in history and time was it as easy to do so.

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